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    Monday, October 28, 2013


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    Sally in England

    Congratulations! I can't even imagine running 5k (or 1k if I'm honest)...

    Re the elimination diet you may not have to cut things out forever. My other half discovered his frequent back ache was due to flare ups of ankylosing spondylitis, and that the cause of the flare ups was eating carbohydrates. He completely cut out starch for a year (not easy) but now he can eat anything again. It seems elimination can desensitise the body - hope that is the case for you too. Incidentally doctors were sceptical about the diagnosis and the elimination diet but he proved them wrong on both counts!


    Look at you go!!Congratulations on being a RUNNER!! We don't ask our bodies to do all they can do because our work lives and entertainment lives are full of sitting. You (of all people) can do anything you set your mind to and you've changed your life many times over. Way to go! Next time we get together we'll have no problem eating a meal! xoxo

    ~~Mary in Gainesville~~

    Did the same thing earlier this year. The elimination diet, not the running. Nightshades are my biggest trigger, also, as I commented here in late summer. The others I've eliminated, as a rule, but still have on occasion. Funny how our favorite food was the one causing the most pain. My ratatouille garden was a yearly event. If you remember, you helped when I was having eggplant pollination issues a couple of years ago. I no longer miss those foods. A slip and I'm reminded, by my hands aching when I try to knit, that I'm happier without them.

    Perhaps I'll get myself to the running shoe store and get some real shoes and make a pass at C25K again. The last try was sidelined by Achilles tendonitis.

    Glad to hear the joy in your voice! Love that you're such an inspiration.


    Woohoo!! Look at you go!
    Now you just have to practice knitting while running...


    You got this. Well done, Norma!


    I hear you, sister, except for the running! :)

    I've been eating pretty much sugar-, dairy-, and grain-free for the past year and can't believe the difference. I was so afraid of the weird things happening in my body -- WHAT DID I HAVE? WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?

    Food, baby. It's all about the food!


    Congratulations Norma! It is so wonderful to hear this great story from you. I know it will inspire others to try things they never thought they could do and just GO FOR IT. You Rock!! See you soon at Artemis!


    So excited for you!!!!!!


    Congratulations. Maybe I'll see you at a race someday! And thank-you! I'm going to try eliminating some nightshade and dairy to start. Lord knows there are a lot of knitting and exercise years ahead and these aches and pains have got. to. go.

    Lois Budnitsky

    Congratulations Norma. So glad you are feeling well enough to run, knit and blog. Love to read your blog.
    I have one question about diet. With no dairy or grains,what are you consuming for breakfast? I can handle most other meals but breakfast meals elude me.
    Thanks for sharing your elimination diet with us.


    Hey, Ms Fleet of Foot, look at you go!


    Catching up here (How did I miss SEVEN of your posts? Sheesh)

    Don't yell at the docs, yell at the whole medical school establishment. It is totally fucked up. Don't get me started.

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