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    Saturday, September 07, 2013


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    I suddenly have an overwhelming desire for spaghetti marinara. Mind you, there is no such sauce in the house, and I've already had dinner, so this is clearly all in my mind. Still, looking pretty good!


    Is it TMI to tell you that my mouth started watering as I read this post?

    Seanna Lea

    That is some excellent looking jars of sauce (or as my Italian American friends say, gravy). I'm hoping I'll have some growing goodness next year. My growing season is a lot longer here, so I will be spending my winter doing some research.


    I make my basic tomato sauce the "Local Flavors " by Deborah Madison way. Lots of quartered tomatoes in a pot set to moderately high heat and shake the pan or stir initially to prevent sticking and let it cook down in its own juices for a while. I add whole basil (or other herbs) and push it into the hot sauce so it doesn't turn brown and cook a bit more. I let it cool in the pot and run it through the moulie. I ladle this into gallon freezer bags and expel all air so the I have a very flat package to freeze. During the winter I take one out, bend and crack the frozen sauce into pieces, cut the top of the ziploc bag and dump it into the pan to heat up or directly onto braised meats in the pan to stew. Very quick and easy on both ends of the process. It stores really well in the freezer too.

    Mary K. in Rockport

    What's your method of getting the skins off? I get very tired of doing that even though the end result is so delicious.


    Since I don't have a freezer I will be canning a bushel of tomatoes at the end of the week. Yes most of mine goes into sauce but I don't have a pressure canner either so tomatoes in jars it is! A once a year chore but no actual BPA-lined cans to buy and deal with - hurray!


    I've always canned sauce instead of canning tomatoes. Like you said, it takes up less space, and that's what I want the tomatoes for anyway.

    The bonus being that compared to the cooking down of pasta sauce the canning seems like an easy step at the end. And even Ball's website will tell you that waterbath canning is still ok for tomato sauce. I like to up the acid content of mine by adding wine just in case ;-)

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