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    « Is Anyone Out There? Now Norma Knits Again! (Sort Of. Well, Really It Was A Teeny Bit of Crocheting and Sewing on a Few Buttons, But There Is Knitwear Involved.) | Main | When Worlds Collide (Garden Update) »

    Monday, August 19, 2013


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    First you start blogging again, then Cara does. It is a Very Good Week.


    Oh, how I've missed Mr. J. (and you, of course!)!


    Norma! Second post! I've hardly posted this summer either. And I pulled out some knitting trying to remember where the heck I was as well. I finally finished it and it's too big! I may have to post about it anyway, seeing as this is what we do now. Nice to see you again.


    Haha Elizabeth, "This is what we do now"! Yup, everything old is new again.... :)


    Mr J will rock that new sweater. And I suppose that easing into the knitting might be best...
    (I should drag my sorry ass over to my blog and post. It's been hard to whip up much enthusiasm this summer what with nothing to post about but rain and more rain. And more rain.)


    I don't believe that stuff about forming new habits. It's just as easy to stop doing something (blogging or exercising) after 3 months as it as after 3 days. So, just blog as long as you want but I hope it goes on. Maybe all the old gang will all start blogging and we'll create a new wave!!

    Bee Tourist

    DELIGHTED to see you and Mr Jefferies blogging again! You've made my day :)


    Such a treat. A second welcome back. Maybe I'll try giving this a shot a little more often...we'll see!

    Seanna Lea

    If we were penalized for each skein of yarn we bought and didn't knit up, I don't know of any knitters who would be safe. Too many of us even if we don't just give/sell away our stash keep some memento yarn even if there is no chance we will ever knit again.

    Rosemary McN

    Hi Norma! Glad you're doing well and all; I've missed hearing from you. Scratches to Mr. J and hugs for you!


    An oddly exposed Yorkie photo is WAY better than no Yorkie photo at all!!!! Your new sweater is da bomb, Mr. J---SO glad to see you back. I'm thinking it may be time to cast on a little something-something for my Hannah.

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