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    Sunday, August 18, 2013


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    Welcome back!


    I for one am delighted to find you and Mr J back here again!! What an adorable sweater. Mr J is a natural. All those pricey doggy duds catalogs should be knocking at your door for his talents!!!

    Welcome back!

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    Glad to see you back! And delighted to see some pictures of that darling Mr. Jefferies wearing his beautiful new sweater.


    Nope, not into a black hole. I still have a feed reader and never took you out of it. I did have to look twice when I saw a little 1 by your name though. Very nice surprise as I prepare for the first day of school tomorrow!


    Thank you! Thanks for reading, for still being there, and for the comment!  I'm not sure how much I'll be able to keep up -- and especially with emailing responses, but I definitely wanted to tonight. :)


    Yay Kristen!  How are you?  And WHERE are you teaching?  XO


    You kidding? It's WONDERFUL to see you blogging again!



    I should knit Jack a second sweater. If I start now it might be done before Winter.

    Susan (sjanova)

    He is adorable in his new sweater -- and it goes so well with his own furriness. So glad you finished it. I've found that you get more knitting (or crocheting, I assume) done if you have something sitting out awaiting your hands to be available for a few minutes. Makes it easier to pick up and do.....

    Welcome back to the blogosphere!


    Welcome back! (says the woman who hasn't blogged since last winter, I think...) Mr. Jefferies is adorable as always, and the sweater is great. I have attempted to knit sweaters for my niece's chihuahua, with little luck. I blame it on the odd shape of the chihuahua body....


    I'm pretty sure it's been soooo long ... I don't remember how to comment.


    Just FYI: I'm still reading, so feel free to keep on bloggin' to your heart's desire.


    Welcome back, Norma! Longer posts become you.

    Seanna Lea

    This is awesome. I love your doggie sweaters! If we hadn't just moved to Kentucky I'd consider making one, but winters here are much more mild than New England.


    Good to *hear* from you again!


    I am so happy to see you blogging again (even if it is only this one time). Mr. Jeffries is certainly improving with age! Such a natural doggy model. I hope he gets many years of use from his latest woolly couture.


    Yay! Welcome back! And with such great pictures of Mr J. He is one very handsome pup; and so well decked out.


    Good to see you back. I'm determined to rejoin the blogging ranks, too. Mr. Jeffries looks adorable!


    Hey, welcome back, nice to read you again :) Sibylle


    I checked your blog this weekend (just in case the feed wasn't working!) so was wonderfully surprised to see the email this am. The added bonus, of course, was being able to see the cuteness that is Mr. J! Happy to read both of you are doing well.

    Robin V

    Welcome back! Nice to hear from you and Mr. J!


    Yay!! And hugs!! And Welcome Back!!!!
    You have been missed. (Mr J has been missed, too...)


    Glad to see you pop up in my feedreader again! I've missed you! (and Emma too, for that matter).


    Great to 'hear' your voice again and to see lovely Mr Jeffries looking swell in his new sweater...or was that sweltering?


    I don't know whether to day welcome back or what the fuck...? Guess I'll say both! Miss you grrl!!!

    Mary Lou

    Happy to see you in my feed reader, and that you aren't dead or in law does your garden grow?


    Lol at Margene! I'm still here even if I don't always comment. Cute sweater.


    Welcome back and thank you for the day-brightening picture of Mr. Jefferies!


    Well I am glad to read you again. And to see Mr. Jeffries! I was just commenting yesterday on twitter that I love my blog, but no one ever comments on it anymore.. and at least on twitter there is all the conversation. :D


    Ack! He is so adorable!


    Norma! I missed you! When I moved from Google Reader I moved you along with and now I'm really glad that I did. Wonderful to have you back...and that you haven't changed one bit.
    Hi, Mr. J!

    Lori on Little Traverse Bay

    I'm out here and so glad you're back! [Feedly kept me informed.]


    Norma, we've missed you! So happy to read you again. And to see Mr. Jefferies (and his lovely new sweater). I originally came for the knitting content, but grew to love the gardening and Mr. J, even though I hate to have dirt on my hands and have a houseful of cats. My daughter, who lived in Vermont for a year, and also loves to garden, enjoys reading your older gardening posts. Hope to see you again soon!


    Like Marilyn, I moved *you* when I moved my Google Reader peeps over to Bloglovin'. It's fun to have you back, though I do get to see your posts elsewhere, now and again. ;-) Who says there's such a thing as overposting on social media sites? Not me!


    That little dog is FIVE?
    I didn't even realize you hadn't blogged in so long because I see you all the time on Facebook. I *did* find a red scarf yesterday that I never sent along...

    Tressa in NC

    First, it's good to see you're back, for now, on your blog.
    Second, that Mr. J. is beyond . . . everything! He's so adorable - makes me think my next dog(s) will be little ones. I've always been a huge fan of Mr. J.
    Third, that's quite a penis you've got there! The picture is, well . . . stunning!
    Hope you're back for a while.
    Tressa in NC


    Glad to see you and Mr. J back. I was wondering the other day about your rose petal jam.

    Deb S.

    Yay! You and Mr. J are back!


    I checked on you last week...but now you're really here! Exciting! Welcome back Norma and Mr. J.


    Hi Norma, nice to see you back, love the doggie sweater.


    Yippee! Your readers are still out here in the ether and eager to hear about your adventures and of course admire that handsome Mr Jeffries.




    OMG Norma's back! I cannot believe it, I checked in just a week or so ago and sadly no update, so I thought well give up. Welcome back Norma and Mr. Jefferies! All is well now.


    Now I remember where I first got introduced to Peace Fleece years ago - you! A green sweater for you, maybe? I joined a Peace Fleece KAL this month and am knitting my first ever sweater. Now I know who to "blame" as I knit round and round, endlessly! Glad you're back.


    YAAAAAY! You're back!!


    YAY!! I was just checking out old haunts on the internet -- and what a surprise! Mr J knows how to work those poses! Still fabulous. Glad you're back.

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