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    Tuesday, June 26, 2012


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    Poor Mr. Jeffries. ben and Liesl totally feel your pain. Stay cute!


    I am so in love with my screened porch so I totally get it. I'm Mr. Jefferies is exaggerating about the AT ALL. Enjoy.


    Mr J, I'm sure she set it up as a drinking fountain just for you. Such a thoughtful Alpha...


    Dear Mr. Jeffries,
    I'd go on strike! No more cuteness if Alpha doesn't make you the center of attention.
    The Society for the Advancement of Doggie Cuteness Appreciation


    Mr Jeffries, I'm still little. Can I play with you?

    Wags and bows,


    Also, Ruth totally has the right idea. Just sayin'


    Dear Mr. J: I am SO happy that Alpha finally is getting back on track and enabling your weekly post; some of us have been on cute UNDERload for weeks now.

    With regard to Alpha and her fountain? It's a drinking fountain for you, dear Mr. J. She's sitting there with her eyes closed listening to music so she won't see you, thereby giving you implicit permission to do what you will with regard to the fountain and digging in her plants ;->

    Love and regards!


    Don't think of it as The Thing That Took Alpha Away From You. Think of it as The Drinking Fountain That Alpha Bought FOR YOU. You're welcome ;-)

    Mirabai Knight

    What an utterly lovely fountain! :'D


    Poor, neglected Mr. J. I wept a little as I read this.

    elizabeth a airhart

    tis out outside humans need to dunk their
    heads and cool off and impress the folks
    next door with the new fountain and have
    you seen my new hard wood floors

    humans are just human and debby just made
    a mess of l'le ole pudding pie sniff sniff


    Oh Mr. Jeffries, your cuteness still rules! think of it as a new, improved water dish for you!


    Oh, I love my screened porch, and I have a screen curtain with magnets so Ben and Jake can run in and out without my assistance while keeping the bugs out. They spend a lot of time out there surveying their domain, and they can take off after everything instantly!


    Dear Mr. Jeffries---
    Now that I have upgraded to high-speed internet, I have been able to go through Alpha's blog and watch all the little movies of you she has made. My Yorkie, Hannah, is eleven and would like to know how you feel about cougars.

    P.S. The fountain is great, but doesn't hearing the sound of running water all the time make you have to pee?

    Brenda in Iowa.

    mary lou

    You have increased my awareness of captioning. I just saw this on the Evan Healey website and had to share. Maybe they have been outsourcing captioning to non native speakers...

    Seanna Lea

    A screen porch or 3 season porch is tops on my house wishlist. Even if she won't play with you out there, maybe you can lie on her feet and chill out.

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