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    Sunday, April 22, 2012


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    OK, I'll confess, dburroscds is really Sandy... she just wanted to see how fast and how far she could get you riled up.

    hahahaha... (kidding)

    Sadly, I can't see all her comments in ebay... maybe it's because I'm on this ipad... This will be my excuse for everything, "maybe it's because I'm on the ipad"


    Sadly, I cannot see the comments either - and I'm not on an iPad. I could use a chuckle at the dramaz.


    Clearly that woman needs to get herself a life, and one outside the Santorum.


    Um, she didn't even bid on it? I thought at first she was "livid" after receiving it and having paid for it. WTF? And "we all know...don't we?" Well, if we all know than what difference does it make what you say? You could have suggested washing it in warm milk, if we all know it's machine washable we'll just laugh at you!


    Oh my goodness! That is unused yarn. Yarn gets squished and crumpled when squashed in storage containers. If she doesn't like the 'look' of the yarn, she does not have to bid on/buy it. That is my opinion from faraway South Africa where we don't have such lovely yarns as you do. Must say on my last visit to the US this past December I did not do sight seeing - I toured yarn stores. Had to vacuum pack all the yarn I bought to fit in my luggage. Had to get another bag to fit everything in and had to pay for extra weight because I had to bring back my clothes!


    Wow-all I can say is people are truly nutty-but not you Norma! Wish I wasn't on a yarn diet right now.....


    I think you have been officially targeted by the Annoyance Squad. They a clandestine, professionally organized group whose mission is to maximally annoy others who seem to be enjoying their lives while minding their own business. I, too, have been a victim on occasion. (They also pull out in front of you in a very slow moving vehicle when you are going a minimum of 50 mph.) They must pass a test of moral superiority and hypocrisy before induction. I hope this puts it all in perspective for you.


    Intarsia? Bitch, please.


    Apparently your magnetism has been turned to "high" today ( bet she'd have something to say about that too).


    That chick is clearly a few skeins short of a sweater lot. Crazy, party of one!



    Once again I am ashamed to claim my citizenship.


    Yep. People are crazy. Meaning you, of course, because CLEARLY you opened up that skein to snip off several yards before retying it in an exact imitation of the factory and reattaching the label to make it look as if you've never touched it. I mean, really.

    (Jeez. I swear I'll never understand people.)

    Seanna Lea

    Wow. Remind me not to sell on eBay if the percentage of the irritatingly insane is that high.

    (I was going to write criminally insane, but this kind of insanity is not a crime yet.)


    Seanna Lea, in all fairness, I have NEVER had anything like this happen to me in eBay before.


    See, I thought the Calmer's value was even higher b/c of the Mr. J. connection.


    How do you have a 100% approval rating when you clearly are misleading the weak and stupid! Did you ask her is she ever ran for district attorney in Vermont? Clearly her ax needs grinding and your sad orange yarn became her whetstone. Sucker!


    I think I'm most confused by the fact that she says that hand washing machine washable yarn might ruin it, because treating your yarn nicer than is necessary is always a bad idea? Some people have nothing better to do than stalk ebay for ways to be "morally offended."


    I think it's imperative we make sure she *can't* win any of that yarn. Imagine the hassles she'd give our poor Norma! Let's all of us bid on it instead, and get some pretty stuff in return.


    Once again, I want to "like" your commenters' comments.


    It's not even fancy yarn! I think someone needs to be introduced to our friend the multiple orgasm so she'll realize that there really are more important things than yarn. Then again, if she could get laid, she might not have such a hard-on for that stuff.

    Robin V

    This is great fun to read - better than a Hallmark special on TV. Some people are ... bizarre...! (But I can only see the first comments; wish I could see them all!)


    A few years ago,I sold some X-stitch supplies on ebay. I had a few comments from whack-a-doodles, like this one, but my main gripe was all the people that would "win" an auction and then email me with some sketchy, long-winded story about how they couldn't pay me because they had either been in a multi-car pile up or had a parent with a brain tumor. (I apologize to anyone that has had either of those things happen to them, but after getting these same stories from person after person, I stopped buying them.) I was going to send some kind of prize to the first person that sent me a message telling me that they had changed their mind about the item and were going to stiff me simply because they had decided they didn't want it. And it seemed that the lower the selling price was, the more likely people were to not pay for the item. I hope you have good luck with your stash sale, and as my dad would say, "It takes all kinds."

    I agree that the Calmer Mr. Jefferies chawed on should go for just a little extra.


    Why must people go LOOKING for things to get upset about? Dear lord, woman ... if you don't like the yarn, DON'T BID ON IT.

    But of course, that's not as much fun.


    OMG~ Really?!!


    So, I wonder if the Whackdoodles had a convention and appointed her their Protector, or if she's self-appointed. (Evidence suggests the latter, but it is just possible that she rose from within the ranks. Superior whackdoodly skills, obviously.)
    Cuz someone has to protect the Whackdoodles from unscrupulous people who would actually look at the yarn (or, worse, *gasp* touch it) before selling it to them...


    I like the fact that she's a "fiber artist" yet somehow thinks that hand washing an item instead of putting it through the washer & dryer is going to "ruin hours of hard work". Really?


    Crrrrazy. Probably one of my fellow Virgos. Wonder what her stash looks like...


    Hmm, I fail to understand some people. By the way, that orange is fabulous!

    Peggy Ichinose

    Well, there is something(someone!) here missing its original factory twist, but I do not think that it's the Koigu.


    Waitaminute! has this woman never notice that sometimes skeins get all untwisted at the yarn store?? What's a LYS to do, pull those skeins and toss them in the trash, or retwist them? Geeze...

    You really do attract the crazies, I have no idea how...


    I laughed till I cried while reading these comments! And I agree with each and every comment as they are all ones I was saying to myself! Oh, Norma, you do seem to attract the crazies in this world!


    Not only did you undo the factory twist, I bet you sniffed off all the new yarn smell too. Shame on you for selling yarn in such a condition!

    Crazy people crack me up, though I'm sure it is less funny when they are harassing you.


    I think I'm going to go to my LYS and untwist and retwist a skein of Koigu so I can get it at the reduced "used" price. (Really?! WTF, Mate?) And I'm also going to start throwing all my "hand wash, lay flat to dry" items in the washer and dryer since that's apparently the fiber artist's way to treat fine handknits. (HA! I wash my husband's handknit machine wash socks in the machine on cold and hang them dry so his beloved socks last longer.) I have the feeling that "fiber artist" may have been dipping into Rush Limbaugh's happy pill supply.


    This nutjob must never shop at a yarn store, then. She should see what people do to the koigu there -- untwist, lay it out, snap the skeins. And kids TOUCH it!


    I actually googled koigu yarns so that I could stand in awe of the "koigu twist". Who knew fiber artists stood on such high moral ground? Must be a tortured, and dare I say it, TWISTED, artist.


    Wow, looks like it was vacation day at the asylum, judging by that loonie tunes. I almost asked you an eBay question, "Why did you bother to even dignify that idiot with a reply?" just so you could post what you *really* feel about her, but decided you probably didn't need the support; it's not like you're perfectly capable of telling her to fuck off all by yourself. :)

    It really takes all kinds, doesn't it?

    elizabeth a airhart

    life is just a bowl of cherries is it not


    Boy, when I miss out on your blog a few days, all hell breaks loose! Dude! I have a lot of Koigu and never, despite my hopelessly liberal, careless ways, have I ever managed to change the twist of the yarn! And duh, yes it is indeed machine washable. Or here's a random thought: this dingbat could just move along and not even think of buying your offensive yarn? Geez Louise, I work with the public and I've been on the receiving end of comments that would make most people faint, but seriously-WTF???

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    I'm sorry but this whole kerfuffle cracks me up. Talk about first world problems. Your twist is off? Wait, doesn't she know she is messing with Norma "I'm not twisted the usual way" Miller!

    ps were your ears burning Friday? I was in VA with Lynn Davis.


    IMO, eBay's blocking tool is perfect for this problematic person.

    kelli ann

    omfg. morally offended? now i think someone *else's* twist is a little off. holy, holy crap.


    But where is Mr. Jeffries? Has he recovered? That poor little doggie.

    Piffle to yarn and Problem purchasers. I've been dyeing and selling yarn for over 4 years now, and I've learned that there are Professional Disgruntled Purchasers. No matter what you offer them, they remain difficult. So Piffle upon them.


    Hey, wait a minute? You didn't stop blogging over this, did you?!

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    Sadly, I can't see all her comments in ebay... maybe it's because I'm on this ipad... This will be my excuse for everything, "maybe it's because I'm on the ipad"


    WE MISS OUR NORMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please come back to the blog and treat us to the wonders of your life. Just because there are a couple of crazies out there doesn't mean the rest of us can't enjoy your wonderful blog & humor that you share.

    At least can you return with Terrier Tuesdays?
    Mr. J. could tell us what's new instead, and that's always fun.

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