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    Tuesday, March 06, 2012


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    I was wondering where you were today, Mr. J. Thank heaven that all the camera stuff worked out well 'cuz I really like seeing you playing in that white stuff with your minion. You're right - a well made toy is a joy.

    Perhaps you should point out any little thing that Alpha leaves out of place instead of putting it away, that might cure her of her bright idea. You have to admit though, that was one cute dog.


    A good minion is hard to find...


    Nice break on super Tuesday. Lord knows we need to smile as much as we can today! Who makes us smile more than you, Mr. J?


    Mr. Jeffries,
    You must have noticed that he is only cleaning up after himself?

    Mary K. in Rockport

    If only we could get our kids to do that by showing them a leash and promising a "walkie."


    Hello, darlin'!

    I am so glad that your minion is still keeping you company. I still remember knitting him for you and hoping he would survive that first year with you.


    Jordan 2012

    The dog is so cute

    elizabeth a airhart

    good to see you mr.j


    Mr.Jefferies, you're so fetching in red!
    You're a lucky lad having Cookie for an auntie!
    Hey, you can pick your toys up too, see how much fun that dog was having? He was loving it!


    Love the red sweater. Lookin' good! The minion is such a cherished toy in our house, too. And, I love the golden retriever. So wish I could train Grover to do that, but it's too late. Hugs, Mr. J.

    Seanna Lea

    I love the golden. I would ask Victor to put his toys away, but we don't have a box for them. No need to make him frustrated (though I do get a bit grumpy when I step on his bone. That thing hurts!).

    Chicago Jordan 10

    I love the golden. I would ask Victor to put his toys away, but we don't have a box for them.

    (not that) Joan

    Mr. Jefferies, you are as cute as a bug, but true confessions time here: sometimes I come by to read about Alpha too. I miss you guys!

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