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    Monday, March 05, 2012


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    Hear, hear! Anyone who is not enraged is not paying attention. Here's another place to either get mad or laugh, or maybe both!


    "And if you aren't pissed off, you aren't paying attention."
    Amen, Norma.

    (And thank you for being a clipping service!)

    Carol P

    Amen Norma ~ I'm a SLUT along with you!


    Here's what I'm starting to think, though- they're making it about women b/c women are easy targets (at least the far right seems to think so). But what it *really* is about is, if we provide birth control to women, next thing you know we might have to provide some sort of basic medical care to both sexes. And that would be socialism! SOSHALISM! They're scared b/c it looks like Obama will win this one tiny step towards providing reasonable health care for everyone.


    I'm drinking coffee in my SL,UT mug and I will keep doing it! Solidarity, sistah!


    Love Love Love that T shirt!


    I think the shot above should be your facebook avatar. I'm curious how Mr. J will address this issue tomorrow.


    While I confess to often being an ostrich, it's a little hard to NOT pay attention. I am surrounded by the, um, er jerks because of where I live, but I'm proud to say I'm also surrounded by SL,UTs!! You go, Norma.


    Another Slut, checking in!


    Sluts Unite!

    The hypocrisy of the Repugnicans screaming in outrage about providing health care because it might be SOCIALISM, Gawd forbid, just amazes me. What the fuck do they think Medicare is?????

    Anyway, I was going to make sure you'd read Margaret and Helen, but obviously I don't need to. I really think the Repugnican party is soon going to be a think of the past, at the rate they're going -- they've cornered themselves into such a hideous little box that they deserve to disappear, the sooner the better!

    Michele Linder

    OMG Where did you get this?? The SayWhatClub Convention is being held in SLC in August... I have to buy this for me and my roommates!! Let me know where I can get mine, I'm not having much luck online.

    Michele Linder

    DUH!! I've answered my own question after looking more closely at the photo... okay, it's early, I've not had coffee... Love the shirt and I'm pissed off!! :o)

    Mary K. in Rockport

    I participate in politics as well as knitting and dog appreciation. So keep on, Norma.

    Kari W.

    And in Wisconsin our Republican controlled assembly just repealed the equal-pay-for-equal-work law. Do we see a definite pattern?
    Welcome 1952.

    Michele Linder

    Well, I've struck out with and, don't search it, you'll be sorry. LOL I did find many images of this shirt that referenced it seems there has been a huge campaign to clean up Utah's image, at least where sluts are concerned, as this site takes you straight to, seems they've bought the domain. I have found the "SL,UT" logo on a sticker for your car at Hmm... and a "UTAH - Mormons, Polygamists, N' Shit". Oh well, I'll keep looking. :o)


    Amen and amen! I really think it is high time all of us will start talking about politics all the time and on whatever blog or other platform we have.

    And I must share a disturbing thought swirling in my head these days: How did we get to this situation that such a rude unpleasant guy is one of the most influential pundits in this country and how the hell does he have so many devoted followers?!? how!


    I KNOW!!!! How did we get here? I think that it is because the most reasonable of us don't make a lot of noise until we are pressed up against the wall. I say now that we are, we should make a LOT of noise. The promotion of conflict and hate is a business none of us should be supporting or ignoring. I say we bitch until all of his sponsors quit him and then move onto the next badly behaving pundit. ENOUGH with the guys/gals who only promote discontent and intolerance. I want someone to lead us who appeals to the better angels of our nature.

    Seanna Lea

    It's amazing how someone who can save themselves for marriage (which is their own decision and has no bearing on anyone else) can be a slut by this very bizarro definition. I understand if someone is honestly sleeping around people using the term, though it is still not nice or appropriate.

    Jill Slaikeu

    And here is how we can join our knitting and political views ... knit a uterus or vjj and send to your legislator. I know what I will be doing this weekend.

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