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    Sunday, February 19, 2012


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    gale (she shoots sheep shots)



    I was really, really pissed off before I saw this post, now I am just overwhelmed! Why aren't women rising up and saying anything? I am too old to be personally concerned about contraception, but I am extremely concerned about how all this insanity bodes for the future of women in America. Why aren't the younger women alarmed? Maybe we will see them at the polls? I was thinking of starting a petition on change. org called, "Get Out of My Pants" because that's just how I feel. What the hell are these men doing in my pants?! They are supposed to be governing, and the last time I looked, I was perfectly capable of governing what is in my pants without their help. If they want to govern what's in someone's pants, maybe they should govern their own? As to the domestic violence issue, I am just speechless.


    I've been beyond pissed off since I was about 13. I don't think there are words for what I've been in the past couple of years. I keep writing really angry letters all kinds of places.


    Sign me up for the "Get Out of My Pants" campaign.

    Julia in KW

    Terrific post! reminds me that I need to be as active in my own country's politics as I want to be in yours - lest the right wingers continue to gain strength.


    "Get Out of My Pants" sounds like a very good idea...

    Seanna Lea

    I've been pissed off for a while now. Every day I read more and more articles and just feel angrier!


    Where can I join the "get out of my pants?" group I mean really ~ it truly renders one speechless. Love you Norma!


    So very scary, and Frothy Santorum is GAINING support?! Am I even on the right planet?


    I live in Virginia. I'm really really pissed off.

    But the cake? I've been making it since I was a kid. Even better if you use leftover coffee (even decaf) instead of water. Delicious!


    Where exactly are the sane people? From what I've read, there are few of us left. I am really pissed too!!


    Norma, you are well aware of just how pissed I am. GAAAAHHHH! Seriously, I am VERY pissed off!

    I had no idea the structure, the actual internal structure of the clitoris. How fucking beautiful is that!?!?!?
    AND I find myself wanting one of those pendants.
    I've always thought the blossoms of the lathyrus odoratus to resemble our lovely bits.

    for real? the cake? (Bobby is still eating on the cake I baked last Monday)

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