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    Friday, February 10, 2012


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    Right On!!!!


    How have I never heard of Margaret and Helen before. They are awesome! *runs off to add them to Google Reader*


    I've been reading Margaret and Helen since the last presidential election cycle and I think they are awesome!


    What a great post, Norma! I, like Zardra, am adding Margaret and Helen to my reader. I have to agree with you that this contraception thing is really out of hand, and hearing that Obama (or is it NoBallsa) is going to compromise AGAIN is making my normally low blood pressure soar.

    I'm going for a walk to calm down. Love to you and Mr. J.


    FYI, your 1899 wapo post takes me to the WaPo reader in Facebook, not to the article itself. (I refuse to use FB apps at all anymore so I won't click.)

    Seanna Lea

    Sometimes I wonder if the candidates really believe the crap they are spewing or if they are cynically saying what they think the vast majority of their target constituents are thinking. Unfortunately, it seems that even if it is the latter, that saying you believe something over and over becomes its own self-fulfilling prophecy.

    It's like either they are stupid and misguided, but somehow got power. Or they are evil and misguided and are trying to manipulate the American people into even greater acts of stupidity against the values set forth in the Constitution.


    Screaming over here. Just screaming. I was never so glad to see him gone from our state government. I can't believe he's back in the limelight and people listen to him.

    Barbara M.

    That's our Norma! Thanks for telling it the way it really is.......we need more people who will.

    Barbara M.


    I'm breathless! Loved the STD quote and like other commenters will be adding Margaret and Helen to my "must read" blog list. I am comforted to know there are plenty of others who don't allow their religious beliefs to compromise their common sense and their humanity. I think these wackadoodles get by with this shit because lots of people don't believe they will actually do the crap they profess. A dangerous belief in my view! Thanks for this post.


    I'm a lapsed Catholic/born-again Heathen so maybe I don't get a vote in such things, but my belief has always been that until the Bishops, Cardinals and the Pope are willing to come to my house to change diapers, carpool, attend PTO (scouts, sports, dance, etc) mtgs, buy school clothes and pay my kids' college tuition, they don't get a say in how many kids I do or don't have and how I do or don't have them. And if Big Daddy can't get his willie up without medical intervention, maybe that's a sign from God and they should take heed and not interfere. But that's just me.

    Rosemary McN

    Thank You! Yup, thank you for giving us a voice of sanity!


    My favorite of your posts, ever.


    I ADORE Margaret and Helen -- I'm glad you know them, too!


    How I have missed THIS Norma! I have been boiling for days! I am so ashamed of complacent women who are allowing all the rights we fought for when I was young to slip away! What's up with letting institutions, run by and large by MEN, tell women what to do with their bodies?! It's between a woman and her conscience and her doctor whether to use contraception or get an abortion. It's not a matter of state or any of the government's business!! It's fine with me if you're against these things, then don't use them. Women, rise up, SPEAK! Next thing I know, they will be discussing if I have the right to own property or if they are allowed to beat their wives if they misbehave. I am really disturbed by all this, it's, it's, DISTURBING!!!!

    Lois Budnitsky

    Glad to see you back in fighting spirit. How can we mobilize women to get out and vote when we need them?


    Yes! Thanks for posting this!


    Thank you for this post that says very well everything I want to write about too.

    And thank you for introducing this lovely Margaret and Helen to me. Did you read their About page?


    Thank you for Margaret and Helen! Though it looks like I won't get anything done today while I go poke through their archives...
    I think the Republicans should be embarrassed at the pile of nitwit-nutjobs they've fielded as candidates. Is this really the cream of their party?


    Margaret and Helen rock! Thanks for letting me know about them. It sure is great to hear from you.


    It is your blog, so you certainly have the right to say what you want. I however will no longer be reading. I read knitting blogs for the knitting, not political views. I am no fan of Mr. Santorum either, but this kind of goes over the line for me. I read political blogs for this info, not knitting ones. I will be pulling your blog off my reader. I'm sad to go, but as I said I don't mix my crafts with my politics.


    I love how the right wing can say literally ANYTHING about the left (& middle) and we are expected to take it. However, if we say a single thing against those right wingers, they get their panties in a twist and start moaning.

    Do they not realize we are just trying to do as their "faith" teaches. We are treating them as they treat us. What a shame they don't have the balls to walk the walk.

    Then again, it doesn't take balls to stand in judgment of others. How white of them.

    Love Margaret & Helen, of course. Love you, too. Blogging or no.


    Peggy Ichinose

    You, Norma, are the best.


    I love you.
    I know.. that's a real shocker and you had NO idea. snort.

    oh.. and buh-bye nightowl7395.


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