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    Saturday, November 26, 2011


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    All are creepy. To that I agree and say "amen."


    Preachin' to the choir, sistah, preachin' to the choir.



    I'm with you all the way!


    What's the difference between organized religion and a cult? Think about it. The sweater is just smokin'!


    I am going to put in a request to Typepad that they add "like" buttons to our comments. I REALLY want to like your comments!!!! :D


    Your needles are smokin'. fast.
    You know exactly where I stand on the issues mentioned. xoxoxox
    (I also want to click on a "like", "love", or "omfg, that sucks"... )


    oh mercy, just to be clear... I want the OPTION for all those, and I did not mean I would use that last one on any comment here.
    ffs. o.0...


    Your knitting = Gorgeous
    Your jewelry = Fabulous
    Your views on religion = Right on, sister


    Religion = creepy. Yep, couldn't have said it better myself.


    :) Yes, a like button for your comments. Excellent idea.

    Nice comments too. Creepy is the word; all religions are creepy.


    Creepy. Creepy, creepy, creepy.
    You are so right.

    Robin V

    That jewelry really is lovely. And local to boot = such a deal!

    But.... I am curious to know why you feel all religions are creepy. (Dare I ask?!?)

    Rosemary McN

    Norma, your work is lovely and your comments are just the "cat's meow" (err, the dog's woof?).


    Rock on. Love the knitting and the jewelry (and the commentary...)

    Seanna Lea

    You can shove that down my throat (the religion statement) and I won't even blink. I always wonder if lightening will strike me down when I'm within spitting distance of a religious establishment.


    with you all the way;...

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