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    Thursday, November 03, 2011


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    Holy cow crap! That is beyond Brilliant!

    Seanna Lea

    We are at 6 and counting! My husband loves it so much.


    It's a *lovely* idea. But what's not to say the stuff doesn't just go to some contract site where people don't even actually work for the big banks and where it'll all just get tossed without anybody who has any actual authority ever finds out what was going on? That's my constant fear, that all my protests will do is drive up costs for the 99%. I devoutly hope I'm wrong, of course!

    There have been these types of protests before, and I'm not sure they've ever done any good. But if enough people do it this time? Perhaps, just perhaps, we'll actually make a difference.

    Off to send in some envelopes!


    I'm cynical enough to think that increased postage fees would just mean increased bank fees.

    Of course, I'm poor enough that I don't get credit card offers in the mail, so this particular form of protest is moot anyway.


    Exxxxxcellent! This may or may no work, but it will give me some moments of glee. Oh, Norma, I am so sorry we don't live closer, but if you ever get to Minnesota, we can definitely hang out!


    A few years ago, I consistently sent back credit card applications, using their postage paid envelope, with REMOVE MY NAME FROM YOUR MAILING LIST written in red marker on the application. I rarely receive a new application any more. I wish I had thought of adding additional weight to the envelope.


    Count me in!!!! I'm telling all my friends!


    Sorry, but this is pointless. All this stuff goes to contractors who just throw out anything that isn't what they're looking for. They don't pay any extra b/c it's a prepaid bulk business rate. Putting extra stuff in the envelopes makes extra work for the post office (it can't go through their machines) who have enough problems. Sorry to sound like a pessimist but really this is just not an effective method of protesting anything.

    If you don't want credit card offers in the mail, go here:

    mary lou

    LOVE it.

    Robin V

    I think it's not entirely pointless. If nothing else, the bank will be paying the postage for these items, which of course they wouldn't do if the items were just tossed into recycling.

    We did opt out a couple years ago, but I've noticed my husband is getting offers again. Now they're for business cards, rather than personal. Maybe we'll start returning these!


    That is awesome! Count me in.


    Just be certain you take your personally identifying information off the card offers -- you don't want somebody at the fulfillment house sending in a credit card app in your name. Other than that? Brillant :)


    I remember a similar protest years ago that recommended taping the envelope to a brick. I don't know if it affected the postage rate, but it probably got someone's attention somewhere...


    Excellent! I shall send the YouTube to #1 Son, who has spent nearly every weekend down at Zuccotti Park, sometimes staffing the medical table there.

    I look forward to getting going through my junk mail now :-)


    Going through your posts, catching up.. yes, I know. BUT... THIS!!! Havala told me about this a week or so ago, she's been doing it for about a month.. even if it's just the envelope you're sending back (@25cents) that's 25cents more the post office is getting, right?
    Sounds good to me.

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