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    Sunday, November 06, 2011


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    They might not be as healthy as you'd hoped, but they are adorable...

    Seanna Lea

    My favorite pancakes have oatmeal and either buttermilk or clabbered milk in them. They are surprisingly fluffy given how many heavy sounding ingredients there are (such as the oats and the whole wheat flour).


    Norma love the pancakes! I personally LOVE buttermilk (although not enough to drink it straight up).

    Have you ever thought of purchasing a grain mill? Nutrimill is excellent; allows you to grind your own grains so that they are fresh and if you can find heritage wheat (non gmo and what they used to use in the old days) that would probably have you singing! Here is a link: for you. Got mine in Canada so I don't necessarily know the best place to get them where you are.

    (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    That truly sucketh. But going in the direction of Cynthia's recommendation - if you have any interest at all in making your own, Vitamix has a setup (blade & container?) for making your own flour, etc. I don't have it as I'm not interested right now, but a friend of mine does, and loves it.


    Wowie, though, and thanks :) I'm GF and we've been trying to find a substitute for pancakes. Tried a bunch of recipes that tasted blech. I tend to use Pamela's mix, and my hubs makes a yummy ricotta (cottage cheese is sub'd cuz it's cheaper) recipe that only uses like 1/2 c or something of flour (got the recipe from a knitting friend just fyi). I will totally try this recipe when on maternity leave! Be well, and let us know which buckwheat flour you end up liking bestest.


    So I made pancakes this morning (actually for an early lunch, that whole time change thing flummoxes us)... and they were fully humongous plate-sized things. Like 10-11 inches. I seem incapable of making smaller ones... or maybe too lazy to flip so many! It's a pretty fabulous panycake recipe... corn meal, ww flour (I used millet, ww, soy, and ap white). Or are you on the gluten free thing?


    Our supermarket carries Bouchard buckwheat flour, which is grown and milled here in Maine. Theirs is whole grain.

    Kate's has been my preferred brand for butter for a long time, since they're local. My hospital administrator's daughter is engaged to their son, too, though sometimes that sounds like an episode of "Dairy Dynasty".


    I love buckwheat, but it is hard to get pure buckwheat flour. Not only the nutrients milled out, but also the flavor. I do like the idea of grinding my own, may have to try that.
    Buttermilk will make a fluffier batter - I like to use it when making cornbread. Also like to drink it, but I'm strange that way.

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