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    Sunday, October 23, 2011


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    on points 3 and 4, I would suggest telling your doctor ...


    Margaret: I've been keeping an exhaustive diary of everything I eat & drink; every bit of exercise I do, how I feel during and after; and
    my blood pressure. When I print it out, it's going to be so long no one's going to want to read it! But whatever.. It's there.


    I can't think of a single useful word, but gawd I hope you get a break soon. And thank you for being funny and supercool.

    Seanna Lea

    I've got my fingers crossed for good news for you and a clean bill of health. I had a week of my own with 5 doctor's appointments, but at least mine is only a single week and it is over. It sounds like you are doing all the right things, so hopefully you will have good news.

    Cheryl S.

    I'm so sorry you're having all this medical crap. Yes - the line in your vision is definitely your contact. I've had that happen occasionally. I wouldn't rush to have your lenses refitted, though - give it a few weeks in case your eye continues to change a bit. It may even be just that your cornea is drier or wetter than usual.


    Dang, that all sounds frustrating. But if it's any consolation, you *can* get used to taking assorted medications -- although getting in the daily habit of remembering them can be a bit challenging; I recommend, if you tend to forget, to start setting yourself alarms (my dad, who had to take very specifically-timed medication for his Parkinson's, actually had a pillbox with a timer and alarm built in). And if the medicines make you feel that awful, you may want to mention it to your doctor; obviously I'm not a doctor and wouldn't presume to give medical advice, but there are sometimes alternatives if you don't tolerate one long-term medication well.

    And just be glad that your meds don't make you *gain* weight. My husband took a diabetes medicine that added 30 pounds to him almost overnight -- ironic, since overweight is so often the cause of diabetes!

    Anyway, hang in there, and here's hoping for lots fewer medical appointments in your future.


    Hugs, and the worst bit is you can't seem to control any of it? I hate not being in control when the medical stuff rears it's head. Hang in there it'll settle down soon.


    This is all such a drastic change for you, no wonder you are feeling out of sorts with it. I'm sure you miss your exercising and the lack of interest in food has got to be unnerving, too. Aging is not for wimps, that's for sure.


    Wow. I love you for writing all this out and keeping people up to date and informed. And for all the (tedious!) work of watching diet and exercise - because I want you to take care of you and be around for a long time. ((Hugs))

    Lois Budnitsky

    Hang in there Norma. I'm sure things will improve soon. My best to you.


    Yuk, yuk, yuk, and double yuk. I hope this all blows away, and soon! (I know, not likely, but still -- you deserve better from the universe)


    Well, Norma, that just SUCKS. I don't understand why you have an undiagnosed "heart thing", but I supposed you don't either! The thing with your eyes will settle down, so at least that will be over soon. It is a real downer that you can't exercise as you are accustomed to doing. Just beware of your emotional health during this time. Do things that make you laugh, whatever they are. That, at least, you can control somewhat now. If support will help, remember how much you have from all your fans!


    Boy, I hear you about the falling apart thing and really had a chuckle over the ecstasy over not enough doctors' appointments. Despite our best efforts at health, the universe intervenes and has some laughs at our expense. Not fair at all. I hope Mr. Jeffries can give you some comfort at least. And your knitting?


    Geesh, you've been in the crapper lately. I wish there were something I could do other than telling you I wish you well (both meanings of the word).

    Keep a stiff upper lip, old girl!


    I have a constant pain in my abdomen just under my ribs. On the left side. When you find out what it is, let me know.


    I hope the crap stops raining down on your head soon. You're way past 'enough'...
    Try to think of knitting as exercise, so you don't feel quite so deprived. It's all in the mindset.


    From what I've heard (which isn't worth shit, actually), some medications, especially high blood pressure meds, take time and maybe need to be changed if they don't work or agree with you. Keep on your doctor until you have answers!


    You sure are having more than your fair share of 'fun' lately! YIKES!!! Have you ever read the book, by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, "Prevent and Cure Heart Disease"? This was featured on the CNN special (now on You Tube) with Dr. Sanjay Gupta regarding all the heart problems of former Pres. Bill Clinton-who is now doing a total plant based diet per Dr. Caldwell's research. Dr. Caldwell's book is a real eye opener!


    So, you are on medication but they can't diagnose the heart problem? That makes no sense to me and it scares me! Would you consider a second opinion...maybe a workup in Boston? I was just discharged from Tufts Medical for a cardiac ablation for afib. The care was absolutely first rate. Contact me privately if you want to talk.


    I've got something else for you to read - the opposite info as compared to your previous commenter. The one that has dozens of examples of why a low fat diet is actually bad for your heart (the vegetable oil specifically) and cholesterol has no proven effect either. Just to make your life more interesting, like. It's called Nourishing Traditions. Another real eye opener.
    Oh and feel better soon, Norma.

    elizabeth a airhart

    you and mr jeffries look beautiful in
    gales new book my new book your new book
    you home is just lovely lol liz

    i understand if you go out and find a fairy
    ring in the grass at midnight in your
    nightie hold up your hands to the moon
    and call to the sprits -er will blame
    it all on your medications.


    Please do call about #1, #3, and #4 very first thing in the morning, if you haven't already done so. These are important to report! I really don't want to have to come scoop you up from wherever you may be.

    A friendly EMS provider


    i feel this way too... "is this the year it all goes to hell?"...

    you need to walk with people who will entertain you, helps keep it from being so boring!

    Hope it all gets straightened out!


    I personally find it very dispiriting that our bodies start to fall apart so young, despite what we do to take care of ourselves. I was under the impression we would make it into our 60's before things started going awry. Sigh.


    Norma, I've been thinking. You weren't on any eye drops when all this started, were you? If you are on beta blocker eye drops or pills, it could be responsible for some of these symptoms. As a nurse married to a cardiologist, I just can't help thinking!


    You do know that we love you no matter what, right? You don't need to be so medically interesting for us to love you. I'm just sayin'...


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