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    Wednesday, October 12, 2011


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    I always think our instincts are best. About our health, about everything. I hope you find an answer soon. Take care.

    Jennifer B. / Brooklyn

    Such a strange by-product of the blogosphere: that I care and therefor worry so much about people I've never met. I'm glad to see there's an update, and to hear that all is well (though now you've got me wondering about your weekend!).

    Lois Budnitsky

    Ditto to Jennifer B's comments. Glad to read a blog from you and wish you the best. Hopefully there is nothing wrong and you're just working too hard. My best to Mr Jefferies too.


    You had me worried! Glad to hear that you are still among us. You are such a tease, Norma; symptoms, weirdness...... Don't know what your symptoms are, and you need to have everything checked out, but sometimes this stuff just goes away over time. Hope that is the case in your case! Congratulations on being busy, but take time to take care.


    All right, you can't just throw out a tease like that - what's the weird?


    Need more magnesium?

    Seanna Lea

    I am pretty sure your weekend was weirder than mine, because I exercised, knit, gamed, read and cooked. None of those activities are even the slightest bit odd.


    As said above, this blogosphere is a wondrous thing - we've never met but I worry about your health and hope they figure out what's going on with you. Please tell Mr. J he was missed and keep us up to date with what's going on in your world, Norma.


    It scares the crap out of me that the healthiest person I know is having cardiac issues. I hope they get things figured out and quickly! I'd love to hear about your weird weekend.


    Hope you start feeling better soon. My husband started having problems in his late 30's!! Just a rhythm problem but I know all the tests and such that you are going through, and the worry of course... Keeping you in my thoughts.


    We spent hours at the ER this summer w/ doogie howzer... who was an EXCELLENT dr. DH had PVC's... (premature ventricular contractions, not plant volunteer conservationists). In the end, nothing, but worrisome at the time. He walked some 12 miles in rough terrain and told the doc, oh jah, I did notice it then... but he walks like that fairly regularly. Glad nothings Really Wrong w/ you. But hope you get it sorted out.

    And, really, you can't leave us w/ a weird teaser like that!

    elizabeth a airhart

    i guess you could call us your worry beads
    try to rest and stay cozy lol goodnight


    So glad to hear you're ok. Hang in there.


    Glad you're doing well! I've had retina issues since I was about 20 and I'm always the youngest one waiting in the doctor's office. People stare. Feels odd, doesn't it?

    Robin V

    1. Congrats on the fund-raising!
    3. Glad things are looking up. Hope that soon you will feel that things are 'right'
    4. Say hey to Mr J. I'm sure he's busy taking care of you!
    6. Okay, you really need to share some details re that weird weekend...!


    Know how ya feel! I have spent the last 2 weeks having the cataracts removed from both my eyes! Not exactly a young (56) persons thing to do. It made me really feel young again sitting in the waiting room with all the "older" people! Hope your doing well. Take care!


    Hope all's well! It's pretty quiet over there in VT! Hope you're just busy.

    elizabeth a airhart

    good night

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