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    Wednesday, September 28, 2011


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    Well yikes! Glad to hear you are okay and working on a plan going forward. Blasted genes!

    Margaret in Ontario

    Oh, Norma. WTF indeed. Now, get out that motherwort tincture: it ain't called Leonurus cardiaca for nothing. Here's to guiding that lion heart of yours back to health, and soon!


    I have been worried since you have not been posting, but hoping that you were having fun. Well, not so, I see. I am happy that nothing worse happened to you, but sad for you as well. Take care and remember we're all with you in spirit. Damn good thing it's only in spirit, huh?


    Holy crap! And holy shit! And WTF??!!?? Can't turn our backs on you for a second without you getting up to all kinds of trouble...
    Sending big hugs and hopes for lots of rest. (You may have to look up 'rest' in the dictionary, btw. I don't believe you know the meaning of the word...)


    Damn you, genes, damn you!

    Glad to hear you have a good cardiologist that will help you manage this issue.

    Elizabeth in Brookfield

    What Bev said. In 2002 I went to the doctor with a strange pain in my shoulder and neck and was diagnosed with angina ("You know, you've almost had a cardiac event"). Responded "well, how about that", got a stent in very short order. And I'm fine. You live a healthier life than I ever have, Norma, you'll be finer!!

    Maybe I'll meet you at VT Sheep & Wool!

    Jennifer B. / Brooklyn

    Wow, Norma. I'm so glad to hear that you're "OK" and by OK I mean adjusting to your new normal. I, too, am beset by friggin genes, and am waiting to see if (when?) like my uncles, father, and their sister, I'll be diagnosed while lying gasping on a table somewhere. We do our best, yes? Again, though, I am happy to know that you're home and well.


    Take care, Norma! Life just is never what you expect, is it? :-)

    margaret steele

    I'm so sorry that you had this health scare. I hope that you will have a speedy recovery from the incident and then, that managment helps you have the good life.

    (Another) Joan

    Hi Norma, glad you are recovering and glad there have been so many people taking good care of you. XX!


    Norma, so glad to see you are feeling better. That must have been scary! I still can't believe it, you eat like a poster child for the surgeon general. Rest, cuddle with The Terrier, and relax.

    As I generally start most mornings logging into nownormaknits and not seeing any new posts for such a long time, I was worried. Just happy that you are OK

    Take care

    elizabeth a airhart

    lile ole pudding pie sends many loveing
    kisses and woofs to you i fainted and
    the paramedics wanted to know who is norma
    they are very tall tanned and toned in fl
    i am a mess so get some rest alpha has a case of gentics causes her to buy diamonds

    we loves you elizabeth a


    Wow! I had no idea! Thanks for sticking around, Norma. I'm glad you got it checked out, and are doing what needs to be done. I'm voting for a long, long life for you, and continuing to read whatever passes for your blog 30 years from now (it'll probably be beamed into my brain implant).

    Hester from Atlanta

    Oh crapity crap crap. I'm glad it was caught before it got any worse. With your wit and wisdom and the adoration of the yorkie, I hope you will be up and at 'em soon. Best - Hester


    DAMN! I actually prefer it when I get to choose the learning experience of the day...I'm betting you do too...

    Let us all know if you need the meantime we'll all just think good thoughts for your health and sanity...


    Jeebus, Norma, can't you lay off the cheesecake? /runs
    xo be well...


    Wow, this is a shocker! Knowing how healthy you eat & how well you take care of yourself, I'm sure this one knocked you out-of-the-park. So glad to hear that you've got a wonderful cardiologist to work with-so darn important. Sending you many hugs-I was getting really worried about you!!


    I'm glad you are still kickin' Norma! Keep us informed and laughing for a long time to come, okay?


    Yes, this is another "OMG, I'm so glad you're okay message. Also glad you have a good cardiologist, and that you're such a fighter, you won't give in to this "ailment" easily.
    Stay well, Norma.


    I think you have to request the strippers, like special order. Anyhow, I'm glad you are better and knowing you - well, I don't really, but sometimes feel I do - you will have this situation wrestled to the ground in no time.

    Missed you, glad you are back, where's the Yorkie?


    Norma! Please do take care of yourself and thank you for listening to your gut. I wish everyday that I had pushed my Mom to the ER. I wonder if she'd be out of the ICU if I had. Like you, she takes good care of herself but those damn genetics! Can get you! I'll be taking good care of myself too.


    Those heart "events" - they sure do knock you upside the head in a very unexpected way, don't they?
    Glad you're okay.


    just remember, it's pronounced with the accent on the FIRST syllable, not like vagina ;o) ask me how I know ...


    Holy shit, Norma..... glad to read you're okay. And, it seems to me, you did defeat genetics, at least a bit. After all, without all the healthy living, things could be worse. Tell Mr. J. to give you lots of love.


    Carp and small fishies, Norma, what a heck of a two day break! I am glad you are okay. And I am pleased that you have had such a pleasant experience at the hospital! Since your scenario was so close to Ellen's, they must have assumed you were also a celebrity. Even without the firemen.

    Robin V

    Yikes. Take care of yourself!


    Crap, Norma. At least you're ahead of the game with your healthy lifestyle; here's hoping for a smooth transition without having to suffer too many radical changes in your routine.

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    Well, that sure puts a crimp in your schedule! Glad to hear you're on the mend. I've had good luck with Red Yeast Rice + CoQ10 keeping my cholesterol down - there have even been some clinical studies (which caused me to raise my dose to 1200 mg/day). I hope you can find a gentler alternative to statins, but thank goodness they're available if needed.

    Tina M.

    De-lurking to say that I'm glad you're well, but sorry your body has betrayed you. :(

    My dad had to go on Lipitor despite eating fruit for breakfast, lean meats, and being at a healthy weight. He was only able to bring his numbers down to the low 200's on his own, Hispanic genes are evil when it comes to cholesterol. Sometimes, no matter what you do, it's all about the genes. Just like you said.

    Here's hoping you smack this silly and are able to move on with as little interruption as possible.

    Ann Rose

    Norma, I hope you and this wonderful new doc can work out a program which will make you feel healthy, energetic, and secure in your future of better heart health.


    I'm glad to read you're ok & that you're getting excellent care (and food).


    oh shits! wishing you the best of health. If anyone can deal with this and live long and prosper l\/l it is you.
    mmm that looks weird, but I think you get it.


    Good grief! I step away from my blogroll for a few days and come back to this! But sounds like you're taking good care of yourself, and that you have good help doing it -- remember to keep doing what they tell you to do!


    I love you.
    I'm so glad to hear you had good people taking care of you.

    True Religion Store

    I want to give a shout out to the truly outstanding care I received at Northwestern. This little community hospital has become a real gem. The nursing staff and the doctors were top-notch and impressive, each and every one. Even the guy who cleaned my room was sensitive, courteous, and lovely.

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