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    Wednesday, September 28, 2011


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    Wow Norma, I'm so glad to hear it wasn't a heart attack and that you are okay. Damn genes do suck!


    As shocked as I am by this news, I can only imagine how shocked you must have been. I'm glad it was as pleasant of an experience as it could be.

    Rest and take care of yourself.


    My doctor is letting me try New Chapter Wholemega extra virgin wild salmon cardio oil.

    My daughter works at a health food store and they have had really good results for people not wanting to take statins with these pills. Important thing is to take them with a meal. :-)

    I will be going in for blood work this month to see if it has made any difference...I'll let you know. :-)


    Crap, Norma, an experience like this can be scary. I am glad you are OK and that you got a great team at the hospital.


    Norma!! I'm glad that things are under control. Take good care of you. And Happy New Year! :-)


    Whoa! Glad everything turned out okay and you have an MD who is willing to work with you. Rest up.

    Seanna Lea

    Ouch. I'm glad that you are getting better and sad that you couldn't beat your genetic legacy. It makes me less hopeful that my vegetarian diet is keeping me in good health and beating my own genetic baggage.


    Keep positive, and get all the rest your body/mind will let you have (I apparently have issues with that second part even when my Dr. insists...sigh). I'll happily wait to read about all your hospital adventures :). I'm so glad you are okay, genes suck.


    Omigosh! That must have been pretty scary! So glad that you got good care-- and are continuing to get good care. We want you to be around for a long time to come.


    How scary! I'm glad you're okay (if slightly more medicated than one would wish to be) and that you definitely did not have a heart attack (praise be!). I'm glad you had such a good experience at the hospital, too. Small, community hospitals are often much more pleasant to be in than large, university ones.

    Genes can be a bitch, I tell ya. My skinny-as-a-rail husband and my skinny-as-a-rail uncle and mom all have high cholesterol despite changes in diet, lots of exercise, and fish oil pills.


    Oh Norma! I guess elderberry won't fix this one, huh? Damn genes, damn being over 50, damn whatever else makes you feel better!
    (Most impressed with the description of the hospital food)
    Too bad you missed out on the stripper/firemen; Ellen wouldn't even have appreciated them after all.


    Whoa, Nellie! So glad you're back home and (relatively) fine. And GODD hospital food?? Seriously? Amazing...


    Norma please take care of YOU! Your humor and outlook on life brighten my day as I faithfully read your blog. I'm glad you had a good experience with your nurses...I would't want my profession to be thought of in a negative way. Rest up and's all about you now!


    I'm so glad you're ok and that you had such a positive experience, all things considered. Sending you good thoughts and a big squeeze. I'm cursed with those genes too, so we'll see what happens. xoxo




    Glad you are here to say HI also!!


    Oh, Norma. This is exactly my fear. My dad died suddenly at 49 from a heart attack and I try to live a healthy life, but those dang genes. I'm glad you are doing well and found a good doc. Finding a decent doctor is *so* difficult! Take care of yourself. (And I'm amazed about the hospital food!)


    I'm so sorry to hear you had all this happen, but glad the people made it as good as it could be. Bedside manner makes all the difference in my opinion and good food too! Take care.

    Katy (knitterpated)

    Sorry to hear that you need a cardiologist, but glad you found a good one.
    This is in my genes as well...sigh.


    Silly me, I thought you were just busy CARTing and didn't have time for us... Sooo glad to hear it was just an event and not a heart attack. My mom had her first at 48 and is still going strong at 74. Hope you are up and about sooner rather than later. Missed you!



    Glad to hear that you didn't have a heart attack! I too am dealing with genetics and have recently started on fish oil supplements to see how that works before starting on a statin. It is great that you have a doctor who will work with you. Take is easy & hope you are feeling better soon!


    Shit! I'm glad you're okay. Xoxo


    WTF!?! I hate it when crap like that hits you upside the head! Am very glad you have found a doc who can and will work *with* you. Makes all the difference. Please take care....


    Wait. What??? How did I miss this? Sheesh, grrlfriend. Take care of yourself. And that hospital was lucky to have you there. I'm betting your laughter was ringing through the hallways like bells.


    Well, crap!! So glad you're here to tell the tale, and that your medical care is in such good hands. Now go get some rest!


    Norma! You're so healthy! I'm sorry, I hope you're doing okay. (fuck is right!)


    Crap! I'm glad you like your cardiologist, but pissed that you need one. So glad you are okay.


    What the?! Thank goodness it wasn't as bad as it could have been and you landed in a wonderful hospital with a good team. I hope your menfolk are taking good care of you.



    Whoa! Not what I expected to read on your blog today! Hope I have the same genes as my 80-year-old mom. Play nice with the doctors - sounds like they're uncommonly willing to play nice with you. Will be watching for the continuing saga.

    (I am halfway through my first red scarf for this year.)


    I'm glad you got the best of a bad situation and I wish you future good health.

    My brother-in-law had a heart attack this spring, had triple by-pass surgery, and he's back at work as of last week. And he installs siding for a living! Treatments for heart disease have come a long way...


    So scary, Norma. Glad to hear you haven't had a heart attack. sorry to hear that the genes have caught up despite all of your efforts.

    It sounds like you have a great team to look after you. Take care.


    Whoa, Norma, don't scare us like that! Glad you're okay, but ... don't do that again, please.


    Glad to hear you're alright Norma! And VERY glad to hear that you're comfortable with your cardiologist, and that you had a good experience in hospital. The little things can make all the difference.

    Big hug to you!

    Julia in KW

    so glad that you are as healthy as you are, so that if this was going to happen, you've made yourself strong so that you are able to deal with it...take care...j


    Glad to hear you are doing well....must have been scary. Tell Mr. J to be nice to you! Hugs!


    You have been a cardiology patient for a long time, you just didn't realize it, or accept it. Sometimes it takes an event to bring us to the reality of our genes, our bodies and our limitations. You're very fortunate, as was I, to not only have very good care, but to have medications to help. It's a great day and age we live in!
    I'm so glad you were fine, in the end. It was nerve wracking for me and now I now know how my friends felt. Big hugs!


    Wow Norma, glad you're OK & out of the hospital! Scary stuff.

    Kelly Davis

    Wow and crap and WTF Norma. I am so glad to hear you are OK, and please let us all know what happened when you can. Rest and take it easy. It is a good thing that you take such good care of yourself. HUG!


    Holy crap! Glad to hear you're in good hands and certain you'll take this bull by's to a quick return to feeling better! Xo


    I'd like to add 2 wows, 1 crap and 3 WTF's to this conversation. I was concerned when you were gone for so long. Glad you were getting good care. Genes... Take care of yourself. Keeping you in my thoughts.


    Well, "fuck" indeed. So glad you're okay. I have those same stupid genes. Keep us posted. Take care.


    Lord have mercy, Norma! WTF??? I'm glad you're least there was good food! Take care of yourself!


    How frightening for you. Be glad that you live in this time and place where there is so much that can be done to make things right for you. Hugs, Norma. Lots of love, too.

    Lori on Little Traverse Bay

    What the hell!? So GLAD to hear you're OK!

    It sounds like you have excellent health care in the area. What a relief that can be, because this getting older stuff---it's not for sissies. I know you're taking good care of yourself, so I'll just send some good karma your way. Remember, you Vermonters are a tough lot!


    Holy hell! I'm glad to hear that you're doing fine today. Yikes! Hang in there.


    Oh my! I missed you, but I thought you were in the islands on vacation.
    I am glad you are home. Take good care.


    Just another "OMG, I'm glad you're okay!" message. Really, life just wouldn't be the same without you, so its nice that you listened to the warnings from your body and will be humoring us as always as soon as you can. Cause we know you can't stay away. Hugs and Love!


    Heck, I go away from the blogosphere for a day and the world implodes! Hope you are on the mend, or at least heading up the incline. I remember when I had my stroke three years ago. I just went, "Huh.. WTF? Really?" I'm sure plucky you will handle this with your normal full frontal attack. Just remember it's for the long haul, not the short sprint. Day by day...

    Mary R

    Oh Crap, is right! I'm so glad to hear that you are okay. Take care of yourself. Happy you have returned to blog land - I was worried about you.


    Sending good wishes to your heart!

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