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    Sunday, September 18, 2011


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    Beverly (db81971)

    Absolutely awesome story, thank you for sharing!


    You did a wonderful job capturing the terror of starting school. I felt much the same way and I'm pretty sure my mother drove me. It's kind of cool that you got to go back and see it, maybe over time you will remember more pleasant things about being there.


    Carol: The lady asking questions for my oral history was asking things about school lunch, recess, "the cloak room," punishment, etc. Apparently the people before me had talked about those things and they were looking for a thread. I didn't have a shred of a memory about any of that.


    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I was not one of the lucky ones who went to a small country school. I was a suburban brat from day one.


    I'll bet it was much smaller than you remember it, as well. Amazing how much buildings shrink over the years.


    Loved this. I went to a school with 3 classrooms when I was in kindergarten. There were 7 in my class. The other two classrooms held 1st-3rd and 4th-6th. I remember peeking into the 1st-3rd room, but the other one was UPSTAIRS, and I never saw it. I got silver stars for staying quiet during nap time, but only two during the course of the year for actually sleeping. Most often I was allowed to paint quietly at an easel.


    o.m.g. Norma! wow.
    I love what they've done with the building, looove those ginormous windows letting the sunshine pour in.
    Holy crap though.. wee frightened Norma... and I can relate, I tell people.. "I wasn't socialized properly as a child." hee. Didn't get out much either as a little one so when I started school.. mostly the behavior of ALL those kids (and there were, it felt like millions) most of which simply puzzled me. hah.
    This just has me loving you all the more. xox

    Nipper Jenn

    Aww! It's so funny how you have so much experience with your Jarvis relatives and extended extended extended relatives and I don't have anything. I'd never even met another Jarvis until you! I'm glad you're my "cousin", Cousin!

    Robin V

    Great story - thanks for sharing. I'm glad I never went through anything like that (or, if I did, I'm glad I've forgotten it!).

    Lois Budnitsky

    What a great opportunity to see your school almost in pristine condition. Don't most of us have terrifying first days at school. I taught kindergarten for over 30 years and remember how scared many children are and how excited and a little nervous many of the teachers were too.

    Seanna Lea

    I love that the old school house is still being used even though it is not for its original purpose. It makes me feel good that the history is being kept alive.


    I remember walking to school in 1st grade, meeting my friend Missy, being a little late sometimes due to dawdling and other adventures...

    I can very much relate to the not asking of important questions. I was the eldest of 5 at the time and I can't help but think that played into it -- sensing that there would be no time for answers, anyway.

    I don't remember where I sat, but I've recalled that room innumerable times over the years. Picturing the big cut-out hand on the left side of the chalkboard marked "LEFT" and the one marked "RIGHT" on the other side helped me to determine my left from right for many, many years. My mind's eye wasn't good enough, I'd even turn my body to orient it in the direction I thought the "front of the room" would be.

    Hm. Thanks for sharing, Norma. I love what they've done with the place, too. ;)


    The best man at my parents' wedding was a Jarvis but based on Google maps, that's about 80 miles south of where you reference so probably no relation. Unless you know you have relatives in the Westport to Ticonderoga area in NY :)


    What a great post, all of it! I love that the school has been repurposed in such a thoughtful way, best way to preserve a historic building. And your school stories were so well told. Of course, many memories are fear-fueled, but seldom retold as you would. Don't you feel just a tad bit sorry when you think of that little waif? I was also the oldest, a mere 4 1/2 years old, while mama had three babies at home, when I started kindergarten, and I certainly can't even remember that much. Must have made it through somehow, lol.

    Kelly Davis

    You always tell the best stories Norma, and so well!

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