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    Monday, August 29, 2011


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    Wow. I haven't seen the photos, but Jim's words convey a pretty vivid picture.

    Seanna Lea

    I saw the pictures and thought it was pretty shocking how much flooding was taking place in Vermont. However, you've described your home as being on a very steep hill, so I had high hopes for your safety in all this.


    so happy that you're fine, but of course so miserable for all who aren't. Most of us in Manhattan were quite unscathed; some of the outer boroughs weren't. Irene will unfortunately be a large stain on the northeast for quite some time.


    We had a similar storm experience. I just feel really bad for all those who got sucker-punched by this storm.


    I'm just so sad...thanks Norma for posting, and very glad you all are okay.


    So glad to hear that you are ok. We have been without power, so I haven't seen a lot of the pictures, but I have been reading about the flooding and it is just so shocking to me. Vermont and Vermonters are in my thoughts today.


    I'm happy to see you and your home are fine. I haven't seen the photos of any hurricane damage yet, but will go check it out. Hope the clean up goes quickly.


    I can't believe how badly VT suffered! We were soggy as well but made it through pretty unscathed. We had kids trying to boat through the center of town - pretty funny.


    My husband and I saw the pictures of VT on the news this morning, and both of us immediately thought of you and yours. So glad you escaped the worst of it!


    So glad you are o.k. The BBC has shown films of towns submerged and bridges washed away. So sad.


    Phew! Thanks for posting. I was listening to NPR on my commute today and fretting about you!

    Cheryl S.

    Glad you weathered the storm well. What an amazing thing, that Irene.


    I've always loved Vermont, cherish the times I spend there, and all this devastation is just awful. I'm glad you came through ok, so did my family members up there. But the state itself - my heart is crying.


    Sweetie - I was thinking of you and now very glad to read you and your DH are okay, but OMG - the footage is heart-wrenching. STAY SAFE!

    elizabeth a airhart

    please try to stay where you are looks
    really bad no need to lose yourselves

    i used to live in new jersey and for awhile
    in ma the pictures bring back memories
    now i live in florida. the backlash of the
    storm can be most dangerous.

    and when you are old and wear purple

    you shall talk about the 100 year flood
    you and jeffries lived through

    now i have some coffee grounds to pour
    on some tea bags lol




    I just read an email from #1 Son in NYC that said his hurricane experience was mostly boring but that Vermont got the worst of it. Immediately clicked over here to see how you were. Glad the Norma Clan weathered the storm!

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