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    Thursday, August 11, 2011


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    Angie L.

    Mr. Jeffries, next time Alpha is packing to leave, you should sneak yourself into her suitcase!
    My doggies do that every time, and it's so cute that it gets them extra toys and treats! Yes, I know they play me like a fiddle!


    Well dear boy, at least the flying pig isn't IN your ass...

    Seanna Lea

    Maybe you can convince your Alpha to be one of those women who carry the garbage bag sized purses. Then you could hide inside the bag and she'd never notice!


    Mr. J, as much as you resent Alpha leaving, where do you think all that treat money comes from? Be grateful you've got a minion that feels guilty enough to bring you a flying pig when she's been out working for treat money!


    Mr. J, you've got Alpha right where you want her-feeling guilty for leaving you home with David. Play it for all it's worth!


    Mr. J, you're right! BUT, as pointed out above if Alpha didn't get to go away she might not feel guilty enough to bring you new toys. Of course, going away also means she can invest in that neat new toy for herself. I hope it works out well for her!


    Like I tell my Coco, somebody around here has to earn the kibble. And arrange for the play dates, and pay for the trips to Dr. Tammy when "someone" simply MUST drink from the puddles. An Alpha's life ain't easy, kiddo.


    Put Mr. Chicken in her bag so she'll remember to come home!

    elizabeth a airhart

    just think when the porch if finished
    what a great time you will have not
    haveing to be on a leash woofs to you

    lie ole pudding pie

    how do you cart u of vermont love triangle

    Puma Outlet

    Lucky? Yes I feel incredibly lucky. I waited 26 years for what you've had for the last 35...and now I'll probably never have that again. Lucky, lucky, lucky--that's me. And I appreciate how lucky I am that I have all these friends. Of course, since I moved out of the town I'd been living in for 21 years just two months before W died, I really haven't had much company during this grieving process. I am alone, on average, about six evenings a week. Exactly five friends have come to see me at my house in the five months since he died...generally, I only see friends if I go to them. There are days, lots of them, when I do not actually speak to another human being. Text, instant message, email? Yes. Speak? No. That would require me reaching out to someone, and for much of this time, I have been too depressed to think about reaching out. And even if I had tons of people around all the time, this is a journey that each of us has to make alone. No one can carry this burden for is mine, and mine alone.


    huh? p*m* ou$l%t?, wtf? huh.

    Mr.J... snort. you made me snort with my laughs. thank you :^)

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