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    Thursday, August 25, 2011


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    Clearly, you've seen this:

    Seanna Lea

    Politically I find it hard to think that the corporation is 100% of the problem, but the entire government/lobby/corporation dynamic screws over the people who need the protection of government most.


    Good thing I wasn't sipping wine while I read your quote from Amanda.

    Joan in Reno

    Exactly. I've felt like the conservatives didn't really have the problem pegged. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


    Is there some reason you feel the need to insult anyone who does not agree with your political views?I realize that this is your blog and I do not think that you need to change anything but I do wonder why it is expedient to insult people that may disagree with your political views?Of course those who agree cheer you on and the people like me will just leave due to the insults but I guess demeaning political views are found everywhere these days.I am just too ignorant to be welcome here.


    Now, now. Me, insult anyone for being ignorant? NEVER!  If you REALLY want to be insulted (and some damn good reading), go read my friend Jim's blog:


    Heee. I've got another blog I read, it truly is my secret delight. I'll send it to you.
    This guy has your insults RIGHT HERE (as she grabs her crotch :^)


    I absolutely love Rachel.


    Right on about the corporations and their power!


    Why is it that people find something demeaning and insulting simply because they don't necessarily agree? These same people will happily fling the insults in the opposite direction when the mood moves them. Norma, I think you're funny and witty. And, I enjoy your posts. People got all ruffled over a post in the past about the South. I live in the South and I thought it was pretty funny stuff. Of course, I'm not from the South.

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