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    Monday, August 01, 2011


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    Hee. although you might be able to find some decent French food in Dallas....
    It DOES sound like a great time and I DO wish I was there! :^)


    Wait. They have cities in Texas? I thought it was all cowboys and Longhorn cattle.



    Next time you're down this way, I have a restaurant rest room for you! I was washing my hands and admiring the nice Paris-metro decor in the mirror over the sink when I realized I couldn't see my reflection. That's because there is no mirror - only an open wall into the men's room.

    Oh, and the food was good too. But we're not Vermont.


    Glad you posted. You know how we worry...

    Lori on Little Traverse Bay

    What an awesome VT Ambassador you are!


    Ugly Americans - ugly even at home! It is a shame so many of us are so narrow-minded, but it is great that you are still being patient with them. What's the point of going somewhere if it is just like the place you left? Good to hear from you!

    Seanna Lea

    Wow. I cannot imagine complaining about anything other than heat and humidity when I travel. I mean, yes, the Mexican food might not be Mexican to someone used to how it is in CA or TX, but that just means you should try something else and expand your horizons a bit!


    I have been to all the places you mentioned when we stayed at Stowe two summers ago, and I have to say Vermont is still my fave state to visit!


    Those are lovely places to visit, Norma, especially that rest stop. Those people are lucky to have one of Vermont's best ambassadors as their CART provider/tour guide.

    And I'm glad you called. We love you too. Please have doggy camp give Mr. J our best wishes.


    Nice to see you...was getting worried. They are lucky folk!


    Funny thing is that my husband and I have always joked about moving to Burlington and opening a taco cart. Maybe we should :-)


    I think you would be the world's best Vermont guide Norma! Glad you are busy.


    You reminded me of folks in a small town that constantly complained that they couldn't get fresh seafood. The town was in southeastern ARIZONA.

    When I come to Vermont, I want you to be my tour guide.


    Are you telling me there's a place in the NE above Boston ... where the Mexican food DOESN'T suck?

    Anyway, even if the Mexican does suck, the summers rock.


    Oh, such a pretty state and these people are fussing about it? Please! So glad you're showing them how wonderful it really is.

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    Spent the last few days working bees with Davis, I figure in another decade or so he'll be able to take over this menagerie I'm creating. He has totally stepped it up with the bees. Last week Davis was giving the tours to the guests who came to visit the trailer at the Napa Valley Museum. He told me he wants to teach them everything he knows about bees. I'm blown at how accurate he is. Check him out.

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