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    Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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    Mr. J, thank you! I am sending this post to my mom, who would benefit from this service. She says, though, that she never goes to conferences or lectures. What does she think church is? She loves little dogs, and will fall in love with you too.


    Great post Mr. J! Rrrrufff right back at ya!


    Say it, Mr. J!


    Mr.J, that was loud and clear, thank you (and your precious Alpha too :^)
    It IS rather amazing the Act and amendments were accomplished with Bushes.. what do you want to bet.. Barbara and Laura had something (big) to do with that? hmmmm? xoxox

    Seanna Lea

    CART sounds awesome, and it is a benefit not just for those who are hard of hearing. I find that listening to voices during meetings sometimes leaves me sleepy (many people forget that they can modulate their tones and so the monotone drives me straight to napland), but if I have something to do like read then I stay more active and engaged.

    elizabeth a airhart

    well said mr j love you


    Mr Jeffries, you are very lucky that Alpha speaks canine. (You are also a darling little thing and very focused.)


    Mr. J. and Norma, thanks so much for this. I have had to live with the ringing that is in my ears for so long and it hasn't been until recent weeks that I have been reminded that, hey, this is a disability, too. Just because we can't always see a disability, doesn't mean that it isn't there. Thanks.

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