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    Monday, July 04, 2011


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    It was me! I invited you to the Pie Party. I am up in the middle of the night because I put off my pie-making for the 4th of July Pie a la Mode at the library until around ten this evening. I made a strawberry/rhubarb and a nectarine/raspberry/ginger. Perhaps the ginger should be listed first, as it seems to pack a wallop.
    Now to find my camera so I can post a photo on Tuesday.


    Wow! You just sent me for a flashback to my childhood. I grew up eating black raspberries at Grandma's house(we called them blackcaps)and didn't even really think about how they are different from the blackberries we eat all the time now from Costco. Thanks!


    What can be more American than Apple Pie? Thanks for the great suggestion as to how to celebrate the 4th!


    When I was growing up, the default raspberry was the black raspberry. If you said "I picked raspberries" everyone knew you were referring to the black ones. Red raspberries were always specified as such. My husband, however, the native NEKer, calls red raspberries 'raspberries' and refers to the black ones by color. (He also used to interchangeably call them blackberries, until I pointed out the error of his ways.)
    I love raspberries of all colors, but never cared for blackberries. Their flavor is good enough to offset the sourness...



    Mmmmm...Pie! Your previous discussion of black raspberries identified what the birds planted in my back yard. So yesterday when I read your black raspberries were ripe, I ran out to check mine. Yikes! They... ummm... thrived in all the rain we had for two weeks. The brambles are so thick, I can't get to most of the bushes. I think I need a machete.


    Well, this is a tasty development ... However, thinking I'm going to do ANY baking today is Pie In The Sky. (I don't know how to take a picture of that)

    Have a Fab. Fourth!!


    Go Julia! erm, I mean Norma! I misread big pie revelation to pig pie revelation, meaning the lard... Love lard pie crusts. And black raspberries. Once I even lived in a place where you could walk your dog and pick quarts of the things, and a few blackberries along with them. One of the few good things about PA... (there are a few other good things, but a lot of not so good ones, primarily because the glacier never made it there, and I was living in the central part, you know, PA is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and Alabama in between...)

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    I didn't know abut the pie party, but we made biscuits this morning so we can have strawberry (or maybe gooseberry) "shortcake" later. I'm thawing blackberries from years past for a double batch of mixed berry jam -- 1 quart bag of tart cherries, 1 bag of strawberries and 2 bags of blackberries. Fruit & sugar - it has to be good! Now I can go pick more cherries & blackberries for the freezer!. Happy Pie Day!


    Dang! I wish I knew. I love pie! Yesterday SO and I happened across a mess of black raspberries on the bike trail. I happened to have a quart ziploc in my bike bag, so we stuffed it full. We came home and made raspberry shortcakes. (Real shortcakes. Not that strange spongy stuff your grocery store calls shortcake.) It was darned good with fresh whipped cream!

    And thanks for educating people to the difference between black raspberries and blackberries. Both incredibly delicious, but definitely not the same! I've actually had people argue with me that there is no such thing as a black raspberry. I may be accused of pedantry, but you don't speak such heresies to someone who spent a good portion of her childhood wandering the woods, stuffing her face with regular raspberries, black raspberries, blackberries, mulberries and the occasional gooseberry. ;)


    In my experience raspberries (red and black) prefer more SUN and ripen in July. Blackberries prefer more shade and ripen in August. And if you think blackberries are seedless, or sour, you must be eating store-bought, domestic blackberries. I have a neighbor with a woods full of wild blackberries. And while they're smaller than store-bought ones they're still oval and have their carpels. They are the sweetest things ever and BOY DO THEY HAVE SEEDS.

    Seanna Lea

    That is what I forgot to do yesterday. I was going to make pie with rhubarb and maybe strawberries, but I kept waffling. There are a ton of sweets in the house already!



    Where's my piece?


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