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    Thursday, July 14, 2011


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    Someone needs to breed an anteater that eats Japanese beetles...


    I hear you on those damn beetles. It seems like they are everywhere - the other day I had one in my hair! Thank god it was only one and not two of them going at it - blech!


    Welcome back. Hope you got your batteries recharged. It's always good to get away, isn't it?


    Damn those beetles! I remember you talking about the deck yeeearrs ago. It looks fabulous! Every time I harvest my broccoli I think of you!

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    The deck is beautiful! And hurray for harvest time! Are the beetles harmful to the ferns? I don't like them - are the big white grubs their larvae? Yuck!


    Those beetles. . .

    Seanna Lea

    Oh Carole! I really wish she didn't put the idea of two bugs "wrestling," as one of my friends puts it, in my hair. I don't hate bugs in general, but I have strong views when they are on me.


    It's good to get away, unplug if you may. As to Mr.J, just what were his choice words do you think? hee.
    It all looks lovely, I want to eat those blueberries!
    grrrr. those fuckers.


    Your deck looks great! And your blueberries! Where did you get netting? We planted two bushes about 2 years ago; they were very small and are only now starting to get a few flowers but I have looked at all of the big box and small garden stores and haven't been able to fine any with small-ish holes for blueberries.

    elizabeth a airhart

    with the deck almost done jeffries
    will have a lovely safe place to sit
    and look after his kingdom

    good night almost

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