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    Friday, July 01, 2011


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    Thanks for the list of apps -- I'll go check 'em out. I got an HTC Thunderbolt a week ago and got an extended battery -- if there is one for the Incredible 2, you might want to look into it. It makes a HUGE difference in battery life. A couple of apps I like -- Parcels, which lets you enter tracking numbers from a bunch of different delivery services and will check them all for you. Also, a new one -- SnapToMe -- automatically sends a photo taken with the phone camera directly to your email address (you set that up in the settings in advance) without saving it in the gallery.


    No apps here. I haz a DumbPhone.

    mary lou

    I am leaning towards SquareTrade for my iphone, so yeah, please send me a referral. Thanks.


    I replaced my dumb phone (the cheapest Nokia phone available - didn't even have a color screen) and got an Android phone back in January and love love love it. My favorite apps:

    Tweetdeck: Replaces the Facebook and Twitter apps for me, can follow both and post to one or both easily. I also use the desktop app and with an account you can sync between the two.

    ExerTime: A timer with C25K intervals. You can listen to your own music and it'll notify you when to walk/jog. Previously I used C25K podcasts.

    OI File Manager: A Windows Explorer/Finder type app.

    Other than the native Google apps, Remember the Milk, and Kindle, those are the ones I use most and would recommend.


    Apropos of nothing in your current post, but one that you posted last summer: I was reading Invention & Technology magazine (Fall 2010) and there was an article about Birdseye's invention of techniques to freeze vegetables. One paragraph read (in part), "A boost in quality came when Diehl and Magoon found that successful quick freezing of vegetables required the prior application of heat. Destructive enzymatic action known as autolysis, which leads to unpleasant flavors, occurs even at subfreezing temperatures, but it can be forestalled if vegetables are briefly scalded before freezing."

    Since you mentioned that you were forgoing the blanching step in your vegetable storage, I thought you'd be interested in the reason for it.

    Sorry there isn't an App for this.

    Seanna Lea

    I have an iPod touch and while I do use a few apps, the ones I keep coming back to are the Diet and Exercise App, which I love and the Gym Boss timer app. Those are both pretty handy when I'm being a good doobie and working out regularly.


    I will be getting a new phone in the coming weeks but am having a difficult time justifying a smartphone and it's monthly fee.


    Thank you! I was REALLY on the fence about a smart phone because I didn't really "need" one, either. I don't even use my phone all that much. But I love it. One way I justified the expense was to NOT get a separate flip video camera and iPod and Garmin -- I "wanted" all of those things, but wasn't sure I'd really use them. I get them all on my Android and always have them with me (as long as I have my phone) -- and I have been using them! I am thrilled that the camera/video worked in the UK, even though I didn't have phone service there.


    Oh, Norma -- now I have no choice, between the running and today's post, but to see you as ====

    Have a good weekend.


    I'm not smart enough to own a smart phone, but my daughter has an Iphone, and she loves it. What's important for a 23 year old and for me are worlds apart. She has an app that turns her Iphone into a flashlight, or a strobe (in case of?) Isn't that why she has a phone, so she can call someone, if she has car trouble?

    Another app she loves is her calorie manager. She tells them what she's eaten so far, and the phone tells her how many more calories she's allowed, or something like that.

    I'm impressed by your tech wizard skills!

    jodi morgan

    With an Android phone, you need to get the Advance Task KIller app (free at market) and use it frequently. Android phones will run all kinds of stuff that you didn't even use and THAT is the big battery killer. If I remember to "kill" apps several times a day or right after I use it for something, my battery will last all day.


    This one may be more Abigail's speed than yours, but I admit that I love Shazaam Encore -- if you are somewhere where you vaguely recognize, but can't for the life of you ID a song, or you love the song but don't know what it is, this app will use the microphone to listen and ID the song for you. Frivolous, I know, but it keeps me from spending a whole day wracking my brain for what it was/what it sounded like. =)


    What, no knitting apps???


    Let's not forget Angry Birds! Even for non-game people, it's a lot of fun.

    My most useful app is, embarrassingly enough, is called My Days, and tracks my cycle. For those of us who aren't that regular, or are regular but have a crap memory, it's nice to be able to check when your period is due. (It also has all sorts of features for someone trying to get pregnant too, but I'm using it for the opposite reason!)


    I thought about Advanced Task Killer, but read that the app drains more battery than the apps it's killing!

    My faves so far: Beyond Pod, My Fitness Pal, RepliGoReader (stores pdf knitting patterns, interactive), Vignette (photo app) and I just downloaded Pocket Yoga yesterday and it looks pretty good. Also, Amazon's App Store so you can see what the daily free app is.

    Glad you got a new phone!


    Thought of another app: Caffeine. It keeps your phone from timing out without having to change your settings, you can just turn caffeine on and off as you need it.

    Also, this post on the HTC Thunderbolt forums really helped extend my battery life:

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