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    Tuesday, June 14, 2011


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    OMG! Incredible spinach! Hats off to your TWO green thumbs ( and, of course, four green paws!) I am impressed!


    It's not wabbit season, it's duck season...


    Don't settle for less than you deserve, Mr. J!


    Mr J you are one smart cookie.

    Seanna Lea

    Wow. Sashimi, eh? You need to go out for sushi and eat as much as you can handle!


    I had a dog who almost died of Salmon poisoning. ( happened in Washington State.

    I hope Yorkies are immune. Could you reassure me? Thanks.


    Alpha's spinach sure is pretty, and I'm betting pretty yummy too!
    Sashimi.. just one more thing we have in common ;^) but little dude, step away from the rabbit poo. avert your eyes. just don't go there. because we love you. xox


    Your Minion looks great!

    Could the bunny belong to a neighbor?

    elizabeth a airhart

    next thing you know they will want you
    to jump rope and balance on a ball
    make you earn your keep do not put
    your paw print on a legal piece of
    paper call the puppy union


    Mr Jeffries,

    Hold out of the bacon.



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