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    Friday, June 10, 2011


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    Woo Hoo!

    Crafty Caitlin

    Wow - your romaine is beautiful! The slugs got to mine. Any tips for next time?


    Amazingly, the slugs don't do too much damage to my Romaine, but they sure do to other things. I use an organic slug killer called Sluggo or Escar-Go!  (both the same thing, I think, just different brands -- iron phosphate in some pellets that they really REALLY like. When I put it out, I can see them coming to nibble on it right away, and by the next morning they are all either sick or dead, and until the next generation comes along (or it rains too much and dissolves the pellets), the plants are safe.  I wish all of my organic attempts at bug-deterring and disease-killing would be half as convenient and effective as these.  


    Color me jealous! None of my lettuces are big enough to harvest yet. Well, unless I want to go for the tres chic microgreens!


    We have not had a great crop of lettuce this year. The rains nearly drowned it so it bolted early. The leaves never really had a chance. Your lettuce looks amazing!! We're trying for a second time. Fingers crossed.


    Like I wrote on FB, gorgeous gorgeous romaine!

    Tammy H.

    Beautiful Romaine! Hope it tasted as good as it looked.


    I am not a gardener, but I planted a package of mixed lettuce seeds in two planters on my deck. Something/one dug them up, so I had to start over, so they are a little behind. I have eaten one small salad from them however, when I thinned the baby plants a bit. It seems miraculous that those tiny seeds, which I could hardly see, could grow into something I can eat! Now the plants are getting big enough that some of the leaves are turning bronze. When you thin your plants, how do you decide who gets to stay and who gets the boot? I tried to keep the healthiest looking plants while maintaining a variety of types. (?)

    Seanna Lea

    This is awesome. I just got my first haul from the CSA and I don't have romaine, but I do have red leaf lettuce and kale.

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