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    Wednesday, June 01, 2011


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    Tiffany Bangle Bracelet

    How superb your weblog is! It truly is my greatest luck to browse through your posts. I'd be glad for being your standard website customers.

    Usually-comments-at-5 am-Lynn

    Norma! I am glad to hear that your foot is on the mend. happy running!

    resisting the urge to sign in as Cialis Viagravendor

    Hot yesterday, and back to cold deluge this morning. Crazy rotten weather this year...
    Good luck with the running.


    Happy June is right!


    I hope those buttons are almost out of the Canadian postal system. Canada Post is set to strike at midnight Thursday night/Friday morning.

    Our expensive mail is about to turn into no mail. Yippee!


    Viki beat me to it. Striking is their specialty!

    Seanna Lea

    Happy June! It is sunny, my strawberries are blooming and the world is great!


    Cialis Viagravender beat me to it!
    (What is up with those side-by-side bathtubs, any way?)

    Hope your running break is GR8, and you come back even fleeter of foot!


    Glad to hear about your foot improving.
    According to the news Canada Post hasn't been on strike since '97, but it feels more recent. Hope they settle soon.

    Hermita C.Dweller

    #4 I hear you!
    #5 YAY!! Good news!
    holy crap, 90s? yech. we're almost there, give it a few more minutes...


    The heats on here and we're waiting for the thunderstorms to arrive. I really hope you're not counting on me for babies because it's WAY too late for that sort of thing. Did you put in a help ticket? I'm so glad you're feeling better. Good luck with Canada Post!


    elizabeth a airhart

    did china hack your g mail or hijack
    i guess is a better word we will soon be
    back to the pony express in the states


    The Canada Post thing is not looking good. Hopefully your stuff is in the US system now..

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