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    Saturday, June 04, 2011


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    Oh that is too cute! I may have to make one of those for a friend's child!


    Too sweet for words. I must have this pattern, and I'll keep this short, since my first message got bonked into cyberville, and with my luck, my message will procreate and there'll be 3 of them on your comment page....don't you hate that? The buttons are perfection. Hope your ankle is improving.


    Make the blue a size bigger and add the hat... but might not get much use out of hat for one now.

    gucci Shoes

    Perhaps the young season, the young messenger who really easy to reckless personal danger.

    Usually-comments-at-5 am-Lynn

    What a very fine baby-knit! A lucky child to have a kindly knitting-angel as are you. (Also sending continue-mending wishes to your ankle, and a hello to Mr. Jeffries.)


    I love the buttons. Did you make any mods to the sleeves? Oh, and I see that you are now getting a higher class of spam, Gucci instead of cheap Jordans!

    Lisa H.

    Well this just turned out too adorable! Please post a pic of the baby modeling this sweater as soon as they send you a pic. (I know that they will!)


    What a sharp knit for a well-dressed baby! I'll bet that was a fun knit. Please share the hat with us when you are finished with it.


    That is perfectly adorable. Well done, Norma.


    Oh my goodness, so adorable.... make sure you keep that pattern around, because you'll need it again in a few years, if my "life plan" stays on track. ;-)


    The buttons are perfect! What a great pattern! I love everything about it!


    Frickin' adorable!


    I hope we eventually get to see a photo of the little man wearing his adorable jacket.


    The cuteness is killing me! Truly it's one of the best baby sweaters ever.


    I'll say... That's super cute! The buttons are perfect.

    Lois Budnitsky

    How precious! Love to have one for toddler size too.


    That came out beautifully! Well done you!!


    Absolutely adorable! Lucky little man!


    Wow, that baby is going to be sharp!

    To: the spammer of the cosmos -- come on, really?! Cause you know that "really easy to reckless personal danger" is definitely going to impress us.


    Fantastic! The color is perfect. The buttons are, too. Now what will you do with the buttons you ordered (for a ridiculous amount of shipping, and might not ever get delivered due to the postal strike?) Will they match the new blue version of Iceling?


    That is adorable and the buttons are perfect!

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    Handsome sweater, excellent buttons. Now you'll have to knit sweaters to match all those great buttons you ordered... when they finally arrive. No hurry...

    Jenny graves

    Gorgeous! And I love the color!


    SO cute!


    Perfect. Just perfect!


    Too freaking adorable!


    How yummy! Great combination of color, pattern and buttons!


    So cute!

    Seanna Lea

    I love it when I find the perfect buttons in my button stash, though it never stops me from buying more of them!

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