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    Monday, June 20, 2011


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    Cousin Jenn



    Oooooooops doesn't seem like quite enough... ;0)

    FUCK, indeed ! That's a very expensive bit of laundry. See. Being efficient and 'on the ball' is very much overrated.
    Bet the garden is looking good though.


    SO sorry to hear of your misfortune! But - it is only a phone, and no one got hurt.


    Maybe it's still under some original warranty, if it's less than 30 days. Can't hurt to call....


    That sucks. Hannah dropped her iphone and cracked the glass. It still worked but after a bit it the microphone stopped working. We went to the Apple store last weekend and they replaced it for her for FREE even though she had dropped it and even though she didn't have insurance. Maybe it's worth a shot to try that with your droid?


    So sorry your phone sloshes.
    For $439.99, the damn thing should be waterproof.

    Lisa H.

    O.K., I'm wanting to give you a hug, but I know you don't go in for that kind of thing... Bad luck, that totally sucks.


    Yeah that's kind of the language I used at Hubby when he said Don't get insurance and Amy dropped her blackberry whilst closing car door... you don't get juice out of a blackberry when you squish it...

    Have you checked your home contents insurance as ours are all covered on that. Although we found a cheap replacement handset for AMy at one of those game exchange shops.


    Smith said "tell us how you really feel". If you love hearing that said to you as much as I do, I'll smack him for you. Hearing it pisses me off all over again. I only have a regular phone, but my envy of your fancy dancy phone gives me empathy for your loss.


    Noooooo! You need some sort of serious mechanical/electronics juju cleansing. At least you're getting all the crap for the year over in the first six months? I sure hope so.

    Julia in KW

    I feel your pain/anger/exploding vocabulary!...we keep old phones as jr has a habit of destroying his phones with some regularity, so there is always an old replacement if needed...if you bought it with a visa/credit card, maybe there is extended warranty through them...definitely worth exploring!


    GD MF'n Son of a BEACH!! That well and truly sucks, Norma.


    You and the Droid were not meant to be. Move on, my dear, to a new love.


    Some days swearing IS required.


    Do the rice thing and don't give up! Electronics are surprisingly resilient. Let me tell you the story of the laptop that got rained on (it was sitting in an inch of water, and when I tilted it, water ran out of the casing)

    I let it dry out (rice helps with absorbing all the water, just like it does in a salt shaker) and it still works. Just don't turn it on or plug it in until you're certain it's 100% dry.


    did you buy it w/ a credit card? You might have purchase protection. hope that helps!

    mary lou

    Off to buy insurance for my new iphone, which I wasn't sure was worth it


    Fuck indeed!



    I am sick on your behalf. :o(


    I am truly sorry, Norma, but have to admit, I could hardly finish my coffee from laughing so hard at your post.

    I do feel your pain, since my daughter dropped her new phone in the was replaced, no questions asked. How did she drop it in the toilet, you ask? She was actually cleaning the toilet while talking on the phone....How could I get mad at that?

    Seanna Lea

    Ouch. That is hideous. I have had a soda mishap once (on just a keyboard), but that is it. I've got my fingers crossed for good results with the phone drying out enough to use.


    My daughters phone fell out of her back pocket and into the toilet. She did try the rice thing for about 5 or 6 days with no luck before going back to the store. Luckily it was replaced 'just this once' at no charge.


    Carole doesn't have Verizon, does she? *L*

    I'm so sorry, sweetie. Can you make the friends who told you that pony up for a new phone? They do sort of owe you, don't you think. ;^)


    Poor Norma. That sucks. Try the rice thing -- in the immortal words of Click & Clack, The Tappet Brothers: What can it hoit?

    elizabeth a airhart

    oh my the computer just melted all
    over itself the room is hot and in flames
    well at least it was'nt mr jeffries


    Just e.fucking.gads. I am so sorry, you really have been clusterfucking through these past few months, sigh.
    That stream of ...fuckfuckfuckityfuck.. that's exactly what Bobby said yesterday, he's had some rotten days lately.
    jeeze, is it something in the air?

    stephanie in Raleigh

    Oh, no! So sorry for you. This sucks . . . By the way, I have learned this lesson as well with a much lesser phone a few years ago . . .

    Louis Vuitton Handbags

    Fortune fowours those who use their judgement.

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