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    Sunday, May 29, 2011


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    So glad you are more mobile and were able to work in the garden! I've been growing greens and herbs on my patio and it's so satisfying to grow some of the food I eat. I imagine it's even more wonderful when you have a whole garden!


    We're getting the same crazy buckets of water over here. Lots of roads washed out, rivers and streams roaring with excess water. Enough!
    Glad you're up and around again!


    Your garden looks so nice, Norma! I have serious radish envy. Yay for being mobile in the garden.


    Thank goodness you can move around. Nothing can keep our Norma down for long! We had an inch of rain overnight. Who knows how much more we'll have by tomorrow. Our weather guys have been right TOO many times. effing weather


    I'm so glad you were able to get out and move, Norma. Sorry about the rain, though. I thought it might shower here but it never did. I did a lot of flower gardening yesterday and I'm the better for it, too.


    So glad you're up and around again! Your garden is the envy of all of us who have the woodland creatures that 'dine' on our plants no matter how we try and protect them. I'm 'pea green' that you can grow so many delicious things!


    Mobile again!
    I have a new craft project in mind for this spring: Ark building.
    I actually saw SUN today when I woke up and put a load of wash in to hang on the line but the washer has clicked off and the skies are DARK DARK. Sadly, today was the day my hubby suggested that we could fix my garden fencing (So it doesn't look quite so Hillbilly Veg Patch) and this is a bit of a miracle in itself, except for the thunderstorm, sigh.


    Earlier, I saw this bright thing in the sky.
    We used to call it the s.u.n. Oh well, that was then, this is now.


    So envious of all the fresh greens! We haven't had enough sun here in the Midwest for much of anything. And I don't have a yard to garden in... at some point I will have to get into container gardening. At some point. :)

    Robin V

    Glad to read that you're feeling better, both mentally and physically. Hurrah! Sorry about all the rain, though - that gets wearing...

    Seanna Lea

    I'm always jealous of your garden, though I don't envy you the compost pile. Mine is a slog of leaves waiting for me to buy a new pitchfork or something to turn them. My last one buckled under the weight (I still use it, but it is much stumpier now) of all of the composting leaves.

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