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    Tuesday, May 31, 2011


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    Have fun, alke


    So relieved you're being kept busy, met a yorkie at the park the other day... well we think it was a yorkie, Jinx says it smelt like one, but it was so overweight it looked like a box made to look like a yorkie.... we felt so sorry for it.

    Keep up the busy busy...

    Love Amanda and Jinx


    Such a grown up doggie!


    So much cuteness shouldn't be legal.


    Yes, we love summer, too! Except it is getting really hot too fast! Our winter coats are not all off yet, so we pant and pant! As much as we hate it, we are hoping our Alpha gets those devil clippers out soon so we can get our summer haircuts. Then we can realllllllllly play! Have a great summer,
    Jake and Buddy


    Yes you DO deserve another rawhide (or 5) to bury. You're an excellent companion for Alpha and correspondent. Enjoy the lovely weather!

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    So glad to hear you're enjoying the sudden summer, Mr. J - and that Alpha is able to work in the garden again. I'm looking forward to updates about all the lovely crops.


    "wheeeee-barrow". Heh.


    A face that launched a thousand chickens!
    Also, do I detect that you've been doing some gardening of your own, Mr J?


    With that cute face, how could you not get another raw hide to bury?

    Seanna Lea

    That is awesome!

    I'm sure that Victor is really sad today. It's the first time in nearly a week that there hasn't been someone home almost all the time (my mom was visiting), so he had all the attention a doggie could want. Poor guy!

    Robin V

    Now that summer has arrived in Michigan, Mom had to change her schedule, and we go for our long walk in the morning, instead of at noon - it's just too hot at noon for this beagle! But morning is lovely. Yesterday we walked on the rail trail, and Mom let me smell whatever I wanted (which is pretty much everything, because, well - I'm a beagle!). And we met a turtle, and some other dogs, who were all very nice (except for those ill-mannered St Bernards, they were a bit scary).
    -- Bonnie

    Angie L.

    Our summer is nowhere to be seen! We are growing impatient here!



    elizabeth a airhart

    summer time in florida 95 degrees today

    lile ole pudding pie just adores older men
    come on down jeffries me and alpha have on
    our big hats and flip flops and earrings
    off we go to siesta beach and the lifeguards
    we woofs you mr jeffries yes we do


    Awww, you ARE a good boy!
    hee. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-barrow!


    Note to Mr. J: burying rawhides will not make new ones grow. Just so you know.

     Meizitang Botanical Slim

    a grow-up story. warm.


    Mr Jeffries, I hate summer. But the wheeeeee barrow still sounds like a good idea.

    Aurora (a samoyed who lives further south than you)

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