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    Wednesday, April 20, 2011


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    Yanno, you laugh but Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr says (really) that iPads are probably responsible for eliminating thousands of jobs...


    The walking hairdo indeed! I just don't get it. What on earth do people see in him? It's very scary to think about the people who support him, so I try not to think about it.


    I just can't imagine anyone takes Trump seriously. Can you just imagine him talking to heads of state in the manner he does on his show ( this is based on ads, I don't watch the Apprentice) and the recent interviews?


    And to think she said all this two weeks ago -- nothing's changed except he's getting weirder. The hair, the mean looking mouth...


    The scariest thing about Trump, I think, is all that money he has. He could probably buy his way into the White House and I just don't know why anyone would trust him. As for the hairdo that's bad enough but what about the tan???


    Trump makes me mad, madder than Palin and the other far right wingers, b/c I *know* Trump knows better. It almost seems like he's just doing this for fun.


    Trump is so egocentric. Can't wait to see who will actually make a serious run.


    News Flash:
    Donald suspects Obama wasn't actually born!

    Also, if D were President, how much money would be spend on HIS haircut?

    you know ... Inquiring Minds and all.

    Oh, oh, oh -
    Would he be introduced as Mr The Donald? Endless entertainment.

    Seanna Lea

    I pretty much refuse to listen to someone as soon as they start birther ranting. It is ridiculous!

    I read Gail's article and as a resident of Massachusetts I concur. Trump's popularity has got to be a cry against Romney more than anything else!

    Cheryl S.

    I think you will LOVE today's editorial cartoon in the Salt Lake Tribune.


    Love the Onion, and yeah it must storm the stupid.. there are still folks confused about Stephen Colbert, snort.
    The Donald, yes, I agree, what a joke. Cheryl's link to the cartoon, hilarious. :^)


    Oh, honey, he's a rich crackpot. It would be unAmerican to ignore him. *L*

    elizabeth a airhart

    total bore is mr trump

    perhaps your little nine year old
    wieght lifter in vermont would
    like to take him on

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