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    Wednesday, April 13, 2011


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    If we starve out the poor, the old, and the un-educated young, while refusing to tax the rich or the corporations, from where does Congress think the money to run the government will come? They have a money tree out back? And, can I have a cutting?

    Wonderful videos. I was also wondering why our politicians (like the President and congress) don't take a pay cut? They make almost as much as those CEO's we keep seeing in the news. All government officials should be making just about as much as some of the teachers here in WI make (which for the crappy teachers I've meet is a LOT of money). OR in all cases, there should be a pay for performance incentive.
    Don't balance the budget = minimum wage ;)

    Seanna Lea

    I had already seen the Colbert video, which is hilarious and sparked a huge Twitter trend with the not intended to be a factual statement hashtag.

    The Bernie Sanders video is angering. While I am not using any of these programs now, plenty of these programs were used by my family to help us get back on our feet when either the economy went south or my dad who spent most of my youth working construction or labor was let go because his work was seasonal. As a family we definitely used both the fuel assistance program and food banks one winter and the idea of the funding to programs like these evaporating makes me intensely fearful for the families that might need this help.


    Thank you Norma, for making me laugh, cry and think...and all before my first cup of coffee in the morning.


    Bernie is the bomb. My favorite thing about Vermont is that it keeps electing Bernie Sanders. The man has literally dedicated his life to serving the state.


    I'm afraid to say that what the president and congress earn pales in comparison to CEOs. McKinnell left Pfizer with a $200 million parachute even though Pfizer’s stock dropped 40% during his tenure.Not to mention all the layoffs and closings!

    I wish we had a Bernie Sanders here in PA


    Thank you, Norma; thank you, Stephen; and perhaps most of all, thank you, Bernie!


    Thank you for the video of Bernie. I feel the way he does and he says it so well. What is happening to the humanity of our nation?


    Amen, brother, amen!


    All I have is Scott Brown (the barn coat & pick up haven't been seen since he's been elected) and John Kerry (who tried to elude tax on his yacht by mooring it in RI) -- you're so lucky to have Bernie! He is a treasure. And who knew Walgreen's had that? LOL

    The world's such a sorry place these days - I think Mr. J should post two days a week to help us feel better.


    I do have a problem with the continuous blaming the wealthy and taxing the wealthy in order to solve the overspending of Washington. They keep making promises they can't keep to their constituents, and when they're out of money, they want to raise taxes. I worked two jobs for my college education, and now I'm helping to pay for others to get a higher education...somethings not right, sigh. By the way, I'm not wealthy, not by a long shot.

    Rosemary McN

    Just wish your Senator had been speaking to an "IN SESSION" Congress and not the adjourned, empty Chamber when "politikin' & speechi-fi-in' to send home" tapes for campaign plugs are made. He has excellent points. Colbert is a howl, I do hope he's not a prophet though!


    Wonderful to see Sanders speechify...audience or no. Not sure having the full senate hear it would make much of a difference, sadly.

    I would not have the degree or the job I have today without government provided student loans and work study money. Having long since paid them back, I don't mind helping the next generation get ahead, either. Circle of life and all that.

    I do mind paying out of proportion to my income while others with more means than me are given wide loopholes to sail through, though.

    And I do mind the lack of true governance and leadership coming out of Washington these days.

    "My way or the highway" makes for an awfully slow ride home.


    Colbert (along with Jon) are nightly rituals and I've got to say, Stephen has been in rare form lately :^)
    I love Senator Bernie Sanders. I will come to a dead halt to listen to him whenever he comes on news (or where ever I may run across videos). I want him for President. He's the #2 reason I want to live in Vermont ;^)


    Thanks so much for the posting, Norma. I love Bernie Sanders. I wish one of my Senators or my (ugho) Congress critter were 1/1000th the caliber of Bernie. Two of the three won't even meet with constituents, let alone give a rip what we have to say. Sigh.

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