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    Friday, April 22, 2011


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    It actually does make sense to me. If you get the case and later decide against the iphone, you have a beautiful case that you can give to someone else. If you go for the iphone first and then decide against it, that is a bit more of a bother to change, I think.


    I love my iPhone but my friends with Droids are just as, if not more happy.


    Holy freaking moly...they are beautiful! Now I know what today's distraction will be!


    Those are great cases but I will say that I wouldn't want a case that I had to remove to use the phone like those leather ones. The iphone has great aps for finding places, directions,etc. The email feature is definitely not a good as the Blackberry one, though.

    Lois Budnitsky

    I have an iphone 3 and love it but use it about as often as you use your present phone. I don't text though. AT&T service is OK but not great. We have a vacation house in northern NH and I can't use my phone in the house. Vermont may have better towers but I would check first.


    I adore (ADORE!) my iPhone. Of course, I am a mac person to begin with. . . That said, my daughter (who is NOT a mac person) just got one of the new Windows phones. She loves it as much as I love my iPhone. If you are a Windows person, you might check that out.

    And those cases? So cool. I'm checking out that leather one NOW.


    My step-son is a BRILLIANT geek who researched this a lot and ended up with a droid. He says it is just as good, nay better, than an iPhone. The clincher for him was that the monthly charges for a droid are much lower than an iPhone where he lives. I personally don't know that much about it and don't plan to learn. I really wouldn't use it enough to justify the purchase. I have an iPod which I use, but I, too, hate Apple's policies and don't own anything else they make. Happy Hunting!


    Those are gorgeous! Maybe they'll fit something besides an iPhone? I'd be tempted to buy one just to have it to look at...


    I will follow your provider decisions with interest because connectivity (here in VT) is such a big thing. Friends say I should jump from Verizon to AT&T but my house is on the very edge of AT&T coverage and I see no reason to trade iffy connectivity to poor. I haven't upgraded my cell phone for years because of these connectivity issues, but I keep considering it. Your thinking will probably help me.


    If you get an iPhone case, get one where you don't have to take it out of the case to use it. The front and back panel of the iPhone 4 is glass, so you'll want to avoid any unnecessary fumbles. (Don't let the extra glass deter you much. My husband found out the hard way that the back panel is pretty easy to replace yourself.) I've found AT&T coverage in VT to be pretty decent. I think it improved quite a bit when they bought out Unicel, which was known for their rural coverage.


    I love the yellow case with the leaves. What can I put in it if I don't have a Smart phone? drat
    Just get the phone. You'll hear pros and cons, but everyone is doing it and that's the way the world is going. You may as well get on board.

    Seanna Lea

    Those are gorgeous cases.

    I don't presume to know what you should or shouldn't have for a phone, because after my last Motorola died before our contract expired I bought a Treo off of eBay for less than half the cost of the Motorola repair. My device is ancient in terms of phones, but I don't care (I am unwilling to shell out extra for a data plan at this time).

    Mary K. in Rockport

    Funny, but we much prefer Verizon to AT&T, especially in the mountains of Vermont. I confess I'm lusting after an iPhone, but I'm also an Apple fan, so our tastes may not coincide.

    Leslie  Sharr

    Based on the news that the i-phone has a tracking device on it that stores where you have been and they didn't bother to tell people that it was pre-installed, I wouldn't get one. I know my phone has a gps feature for directions and 911 calls and it can be disabled; but to have something additional installed without my knowledge or consent would just make me mad enough to throw it against a wall. Go with a droid, Norma, or check out the new blackberry...

    /s/ Leslie, who has a Virgin mobile account :)


    Good luck with choosing, looks like you're getting some decent info. I have an old cell phone, only to make emergency calls if the need comes up, I just hate phones. for the most part. I have gotten better about keeping it in my bag/purse ;^)


    In my world it would be totally normal to get a great case when you don't have an iphone. But then i buy sock yarn if the colors are great andI don't like to knit socks.


    I love Verizon! They seem to be the only ones who will put towers in NoMansLand ND.

    I have a Motorola Droid2 and love it. I've had it several months now though so it probably isn't in the stores any more...

    Angie L.

    If you go with Att, get a motorola backflip or the htc inspire(now at costco for 20 bucks for new contracts). If you go to tmobile, get a g2, I have one, it's a sweeet ass phone.
    Whatever You do, at least try an android phone first, they have a 2 week return policy.
    Also, android phones have flash player, free navigation thru google maps, and 75% of the apps are free. The Iphone can't claim any of that, and iphones can barely multitask.
    Hit me up if you have any questions, my husband is a tech wiz.


    I hope Verizon can help you, sweetie. If you go over to the other side, I won't be able to call you all the time and bug you. *L*

    Beautiful cases!


    the main problem with the iPhone (if you really want a qwerty keyboard) is that they don't and will never have one - which is why you should give serious consideration to Android phones, since you will have a choice of hard keyboards - you can get sliders, flippers, combo of that -
    don't drink the Apple juice, I always say ;o)


    I got a Droid Pro about 2 months ago because it has a keyboard in addition to a touch screen. I wasn't ready to go full touch screen only and I too hate Apple policies.

    The best thing that I haven't seen many people talk about much with the Droids is the speech feature. You can speak your emails, texts, browser searches, phone numbers, etc and it works pretty well. It's a great feature for quick texts, emails. You do have to say "period" or "comma" to get your punctuation right, but I just find that sort of funny.

    And the price for a new Droid Pro on Amazon Wirelss? A penny. And no activation fee.



    I got an iPhone 4 with Verizon just yesterday. I have a BB for work. I was replacing a flip phone. So far I am very happy.


    Thanks for the links! (I love my iphone!)


    I am unlikely to get an iPhone. They are not hearing aid compatible. (t-coil compatible, if that means anything) even though the law mandates a certain percentage of a company's phones must be hearing aid compatible. Apparently Apple has found a loophole. Their 'accessability' site sucks too


    Just an FYI, you don't need an account to look at items on Etsy, but you do to buy. (It's free to get an account)

    Gorgeous phone cases!!

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