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    Monday, April 25, 2011


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    Man, does that sound GOOD! Glad you had a nice Easter, Norma.

    Did Mr. J. have a special treat from the Easter Bunny, too?

    Barbara M.

    Joan in Reno

    Very impressive use of a peep. Just set the tone for the evening, didn't it?


    That photo just screams 'spring.'
    (And we'll take all the spring-screaming we can get...)


    Fabulous sounding dinner, except for the peep. Sorry, but those are just gross chemical marshmallow lab experiments!


    Peep? eeek
    The fest of the dinner sounds amyyyyzzzzing!!!

    Seanna Lea

    You have the nicest sounding meals. We had french toast for dinner last night and I had leftover salad for lunch.


    Dinner sounds fabulous! But I'm with those who don't really care for Peeps - unless they are part of diaoramas! The Washington Post apparently runs a contest for the best diaorama featuring Peeps. Check out the amazing creativity on their web site. My personal favorite is the re-creation of the Chilean mine rescue!


    Delicious sounding cocktail, adorable peep, and what a fabulous meal you had. I love lavender as a flavoring-never thought of pairing it with strawberries. I'll have to give that a try.

    Teresa C

    Peeps are disgusting! Did you EAT it? I couldn't have had that drink anyway, I can't do bubbly (champagne). The entire meal, really. Mashed WHITE potatoes!? With milk!? Not for this veganish girl. So skip the lamb for me as well. I'm allergic to strawberries, so skip that dessert (along with the gluten). I guess I could have eaten the mesculan, hope it was fresh. Did you add coffee to the end of that meal? I don't know how people drink so much caffeine. Tea for me, green at that.


    Love! the use of the Peep. (Because, otherwise, those things aren't worth eating, imho.)

    Happy Easter!


    That drink looks scrumptious!! Unlike the rest of the world, I love peeps, even though I rarely eat them. I especially like them when they are starting to get a little stale....hee!


    What a pretty drink! I love raspberry anything. The rest of the meal sounds wonderful. My kids traditionally place a Peep in each other's- and sometimes my- car. They remain there until discovered by some dog or other. I've been known to have one in my instrument panel ledge for close to a year.


    Peep peep peep peep peeppeeppeeppeeppppppp. Peep.


    Woo Hoo!


    MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmMercy! :^)


    I'm melting, meeeeltiiiing...

    Lori on Little Traverse Bay

    Love the "Peep-tail!" The dinner sounds fab-u-lous, too! Happy Easter, Norma!


    No, Norma, nature intended peeps to be microwaved... Boo on anybody raining on your parade! What a lovely meal and a great way to celebrate SPRING. And, Susan, I'm heading over to your link now!


    Guess blogs don't like some characters. Ate my "very big wink" after the microwave comment. It was there...

    elizabeth a airhart

    i had to go into therapy went i ate
    the head off my choclate bunny


    Your meal descriptions are the BEST - I always feel like I can taste it.

    Hey, don't you and Mr. Jefferies stay away too long, ok? I will miss my Daily Dose of Norma terribly.


    Enjoy your time, darlings.

    Discount Air Jordan


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