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    Saturday, April 16, 2011


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    Nice bags and cute fish! I've seen purse magnets at Joann's and maybe at Michaels. Or one could hit the thrift store for a cheap purse with magnet/snap to harvest.


    That cute starfish pin is fabulous and really makes that bag. You are so clever!


    I love that you used that pic on your new website - it's one of my favorites. You look great!


    Your seedlings may yet survive. They can be pretty tough.
    I don't think the pin is a starfish. Maybe some kind of lily. Or the ass-end of a squid...


    We had a hard freeze a couple of days ago and lost what the geese didn't eat. Smith has enough seedlings in the house to restart everything so no big loss. The website is awesome! I love your shoes. May be in the market to buy a new pair, too! Good shoes make or break the day, no matter the color.

    Leslie  Sharr

    Wait! Those shoes are great AND they appear to coordinate nicely with the jacket Mr. J is wearing. If Mr. J wears it, it must be a cool color, right?

    Yeah, it's flippin' cold all right. I'm back wearing a sweat suit and a shawl in the house.

    Cart in VT -- nice catchy name too :)


    Great website with the picture of the cool dame! And, love the bags! You might have inspired me to get busy, maybe..... You know, every time I find shoes I like, they discontinue them, every time. What's up with that? You are allowed to skip a day on the blog, but I always miss you.


    I would totally wear those green Nike Frees.


    Thumbs up on the shoes. They totally go with Mr J's outfit + chicken! The running thing -- It's all about the fashion statement! Right?


    Website is looking fabulous and I love your cards. The shoes ;^) I rather like the lime green and yellow! LOVE the bags, both of them! ass end of a squid, heh, sparkles ass end :^)


    I saw my first asparagus poking out the ground today!!!! Are yours coming up yet?

    Robin V

    Love the fish! (Fish with knitted sweaters; who knew!)

    I'm always surprised by the idioms I use and take for granted, that other people have never heard of. I once said, "we're not dead in the water yet" and got blank stares all around. Ah well.



    elizabeth a airhart

    goodie gumdrops for you


    Oooh! A Sophie sighting in the wild. It has been so long since I designed anything that it's rare to see someone making one of my bags on the blogs. I hope you are having fun making it :)


    I wonder if the seedlings would be better off with tomato wall o'waters? They would be a bit warmer in there. Just a thought.

    iPod touch docking station

    Missing one or two days of blogging is quite alright and quite normal. It happens to the best of us. Keeping your blog updated everyday can be a real chore. It's good to take a little break from time to time so you don't get burnt out. Oh and your dog in his little jacket is so cute!

    Lora Miller

    Seanna Lea

    I definitely need new shoes. I want my half marathon this year (no matter how slow I end up being) to involve shoes that are already broken in! Your green is pretty festive. Maybe a nice blue for me would be better.

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