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    Thursday, April 07, 2011


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    Best rest stop I've been to is this one in Vt. I vividly remember pulling in one October to witness a double rainbow!


    I love Massachusetts but when it comes to rest areas we've got McDonalds and bathrooms and that's it. This spot is lovely and just SO Vermont. You guys do rest stops RIGHT.

    Lois Budnitsky

    I agree that Guiford rest area is great. Vermont has some wonderful things going for it. Love the state even if I only drive through.


    Awesome rest stop! They certainly thought of all scenarios for weary travelers including their children and pets. I wish Mass had these. All we have are paved eat and pees.

    Robin V

    Most of the rest stops I encounter are in Mich, Ohio, Pa, & WV, and they are generally okay, though nothing to write home (or blog) about. (Ohio has been upgrading theirs; they're clean and pleasant, and offer non-MoDonald's choices - even Panera at a few.) But if I'm ever in Vermont, I will go out of my way to visit that Guilford rest area!


    I've stopped at this rest area many, many times on my way home from R.I. or WEBS in MA. It is truly magnificent!!! It puts those "Burger King" rest areas in other states to shame, for sure. I think this is the rest area that also has a tribute to our fallen service men/women.

    Thanks for this post. It makes us Vermonters very proud to have such beauty surrounding us....and folks, wait till it gets "green" and is even more beautiful.


    But, they don't have tractor picnic tables!


    For future reference: in MA, Exit 15 has a Barnes & Noble right off the exit... same for Exit 47E in CT.

    I love the Vermont border rest area, and have stopped there even when I didn't need to use the bathroom!


    When I was 11 or 12 we took a family trip from Michigan to Arizona. Along the way we stopped at a "rest area" in Texas. It had no restrooms. It had no trees. Just picnic tables and wide open vast expanse. I decided then and there that Texas was a stupid state and I had no use for it. Come on, nowhere to pee?


    I'm not sure I've been to this rest area (I drive I89 more then I91) but I will be going now - I need a sun dial for a photo shoot this summer.

    Have you seen the one between exits 3 and 4 on I89 northbound? I believe that's the one Joansie is remembering with the Vietnam Memorial. It's the one with the living machine sewer system! I always love stopping there.


    Wow! That's almost a tourist attraction on it's own.


    Another great thing about Vermont. I could move there, and live in the rest stop.


    Very impressive.

    Seanna Lea

    I know that there are people who would be offended that tax dollars went to that, but I consider this to be a simple operating expense for things like the tourism industry. Anything that makes someone's stay more pleasant is a good idea. Much better than a bush and a magic cone!


    I think that I shall never see a place so awesome built for pee.

    That place is better than most of the libraries & museums where I live.

    W- to the -hoa!

    Elizabeth in VT

    I'm adding my voice to Joansie and BeckyinVT: the memorial is between exits 3 & 4, I-89, near South Royalton.

    It, too, is worth the stop.


    That is amazing! More a destination point than a rest stop - haha.
    I live on Vancouver Island and the best we seem to be able to do is a couple of Porta-Potties in a lay-by. I avoid them whenever possible.


    I remember stopping there years ago. They have added more to it, though. Anyway, we were duelly impressed back then and it had a resident squirrel that new how to come up for food and we took lots of pictures of it.....LOL. Vermont has a lot of cool things, but still too cold for me in the winter. I may have to reconsider that thought though since Kansas had just as cold a winter as VT did......LOL.

    Rosemary McN

    The VT Tourism Board really should hire you as it's prime cheerleader!



    It makes our rest areas look like the 3rd world after a coup.


    In Connecticut there is a rest area on I-91 northbound past exit 19 by Middletown and southbound past exit 15 near Wallingford. These are small areas with picnic areas, pet exercise areas and washrooms, no gas or restaurants. They are not as nice as the Vermont rest areas, bring lysol to spray the toilets before using.


    I don't think I have been to that rest area. I like the Welcome Center and stop there everytime I go to VT just to pick up brochures.


    I avoid all rest areas but would surely take the time if we had anything close to this. Beautiful!

    Julia in KW

    Destination Rest Stop! We travel through Vermont New England and the Mountains, so will actually seek out this rest stop this summer!


    Wow, that rest area is almost worth a trip in and of itself! That would make a lovely respite from a long drive.

    elizabeth a airhart

    hope you all can keep it open lovely


    So, even though I already know that Vermont is totally better than New York, I was starting to feel bad about our lame-ass rest stops, too. But then I realized that isn't a rest stop -- that's a rest experience! It doesn't really even compare with the regular-folk rest stops elsewhere (which I may or may not continue to refer to as lame-ass).

    Also, regarding running: I hate running, especially all the being out of breath. But your running posts for the first time ever gave me a twinge of running interest. Not enough to do anything about, but it's an accomplishment.


    I made a trip Burlington, VT less than 36 hrs. after the record-breaking snowstorm in early March. We stopped at the rest area several other commenters mentioned on I-89. It was such a wonderful stop. We couldn't walk around outside or view the Vietnam Memorial because of the snow, but really appreciated the free Green Mountain coffee that was available inside the clean and nicely decorated center. VT clearly does rest stops right!!

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