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    Sunday, March 06, 2011


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    Congratulations!!! 7 years is terrific. Have a great time in DC, and I hope you don't have any "backlash" from the cake!


    Congrats! Life would be dull without you, girlfriend.


    Happy Blogoversary! May you blog for another 7 years!

    Kathy Sue

    Happy Blogiversary!!! And may you have may more!


    Happy Blogiversary! (Is there a correct spelling for that?) I think I've been following close to six years now and you've certainly brightened up the day for me on more than one occasion, although I really wish you'd stop showing that sweater. I want it beyond all reason and I live in a freaking desert!

    PS Cake once in a while is the reason to be good the rest of the time! Life has to have some cake, no?


    Congratulations! Have a terrific time in D.C. I'll be eager to hear how this year's Red Scarf project went.


    happy anniversary. seven years is damn long to be talking to the likes of us.


    Happy B-day!

    Lisa H.

    Happy Blogiversary! Have a great trip to the office of red scarves, I'm working on a red scarf for the next submission time.


    My life has been enriched by your blog...thank you...and I really appreciate the effort...I'm lucky if I get an entry up every three or four months... do know that zippers can be shortened, don't you????


    Thank you, Norma, for seven wonderful blog-years! You have brought much joy to your readers.

    Mary R.

    Happy Blogiversary, Norma! Each morning I have a cup of tea and check in to see what's up with Norma. I look forward to your comments. Seven years is a long time!


    I'm proud to say I've been a faithful reader (although infrequent commenter) through the years. Loving the journey right along with you.
    The photos of that cake make my joints hurt just LOOKING at it but yeah, I'm with you on the always had sourdough starter in the fridge and ALL cakes for every occasion were homemade...
    We're in a BETTER place, now ;)
    Cannot wait to hear more of the further adventures of NORMA! xox


    Congratulations! I look forward to reading your blog for many more years.


    Norma, you are a 14 carat gold nut!! My first blog of the day and it's always fun. Here's to another 7 years! (Insert balloons, confetti, horns, etc.)

    Mary Fran

    I'm trying to think back to how long I've been reading your blog. I know my oldest was 6 when he made the comment that you were the person who didn't like to answer questions (the no-meme sign). And I was living in Chicago, so it's been at least 4 or 5 years. I truly appreciate the effort you've put into posting as often as you do. You are part of my morning routine!


    Happy Blogiversary Norma(L)! :-) Here's to many more years of fun and laughter. *clink, clink*

    Teresa C

    You, Margene and me! We all started blogging at about the same time, I think my first post was in January. It hardly seems that long.

    Look online for instruction on how to shorten a zipper. It isn't difficult at all, you cut off from the top. If you are not comfortable doing it, a tailor should do it for you for cheap money. Make your sweater the length you want and use the zipper they sent! I am going to be ordering that soon, although I would want it in blues, did they offer color options?


    Dumb question but you said to write! Have you tried writing to the sweater kit seller to see if they have shorter zippers? That is a gorgeous sweater. I wish the pattern came in larger sizes!


    Norma,your blog is the first thing I read after Google News every morning. You have enriched my life so much! Your blog is entertaining, thought-provoking, and educational. You should be very proud of it and the discipline it has taken to do it this long. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Have a great trip; I can't wait to hear what's up. And, those MITTENS! I don't usually enjoy color work, but I may have to get that book for the mittens.

    Lois Budnitsky

    Congratulations. As I've said before, this blog is the one I go to first every day. I always expect to find some interesting or exciting thing happening and I'm never disappointed. Thank you for enriching our lives with your many activities.


    Congratulations. An impressive anniversary and feat. Will promise to comment more often if that'll keep you going!!!


    Happy Seven year Blog Anniversary!I have enjoyed reading you blog for about 6 years. Keep up the excellent work!


    Congratulations on your longevity! Thanks for sharing all these years. Wishing you safe travels and happy knitting!


    Okay, I INTENDED to post every day, but life in my neck 'o the woods has been messy (Idaho is after teachers!) and my emails have been sent to legislators. Congratulations on seven years of sharing your humor, knitting, sarcasm, gardening tips, smoothies, puppy installments, sarcasm, awesome links, passion to help others, and sarcasm - in no particular order.


    Congrats! It's been a great run. You are a true super star.


    If only we had a buck, eh? You'd be a million richer than me! That ought to make you feel better. Happy Bloggy Day, dear one!! Can you believe we made it this far. We're still together after all these years.


    Happy 7th, grrlfriend!!


    Thanks for bringing it to us each and every time Norma. Happy 7th.


    Happy anniversary! Thank you for being here. You have saved my day many, many times.

    Linda M

    Happy Blogiversary and congratulations. Thanks for introducing us to the Red Scarf project. I am posting photos of my finished contribution today! Have fun in DC.


    7 years is a long time and I'm impressed that you have kept up the frequent blogging without stopping. I never would have met you without this blog -- imagine that?? Have an awesome time in DC.


    Oh, Norma, you are just so funny-you're my Erma Bombeck of 'blogland'. Happy 7th anniversary-very impressive!


    Happy Blogiversary, Norma!! Mine's coming up in a couple of weeks. I just realized that it's been SEVEN years and not SIX... it'll be six that I quit smoking. ; )


    Happy Blogiversary!


    Happy Blogiversary. You are a blogging rock star, and I thank you for doing it.

    Word Lily

    There are some very nice-looking sweaters in that booklet! Happy blogiversary!

    Re: the zipper: Is it one of those things that you can cut it off at the exact length you need, stitch a new stop and have a nice, perfect-length zipper? I think this is actually how it's intended to work, in some instances.

    Oh, and: I think I got rid of my bundt pan because it always turned out cakes that looked like that.


    Congratulations on reaching 7. Very impressive! And I'm so glad that the OFA is still near and dear to you!


    Seven is a great number. And that is a lovely book!


    Happy blog day! I'm sure glad you started this thing up.


    Congratulations on your Blogiversary. Amazing stats! I am sending a comment in lieu of the dollar.


    Love the title! (Love you, too!)
    I've been reading for a great long while - I was already a steady reader when the easter bunny brought you a spinning wheel. How long ago was that?
    The cake was just looking for pity, since it knew you didn't love it...


    Oh, and you only need 3500 comments on this post to reach your goal, eh?
    Well, here's my second one...


    7 years? That's excellent. Congratulations on remaining faithful to the current project too. Still having trouble with that myself.


    Happy 7, sweetheart.

    Also, How long has that been? New? Or am I just oblivious?


    Mazal Tov! Here for the next 7 happy blogging years!

    You know there are ways of making those bucks adding up, right? :)


    Happy 7 years, Norma(l)! I am on tenterhooks to see what you're planning to announce...

    Cheryl S.

    Congratulations on 7 years!
    Those patterns look really nice. I especially like the mittens and the man-sweater. And yes, definitely have the zipper shortened!


    Happy Blogiversary, Norma. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried. I’ve met people and learned stuff I otherwise would not. Thank you. A very merry day to you and skritches to Mr. Jefferies.


    You can make a zipper shorter. I would suggest you take the length off of the top in this case all you do is cut it. No big deal.

    Also happy blogiversary!

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