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    Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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    Lisa Chaffee

    I hope your friend enjoys the maple syrup. This will be our 23rd year of sugaring, so you remembered well!

    Mr. Jefferies, you are one awesome dog! Keep up your good blog work. I so enjoyed meeting you yesterday. Maybe you can take a trip to our sugarhouse some weekend. Ask Alpha to get you some mud boots.

    Thanks Norma & Mr. Jefferies,


    There are worse fates for a Yorkie than to be smothered in Aunts...


    That is the best maple syrup ever!! Congrats to Jenn!!


    Is there anything better than real maple syrup? I think not.


    What a life Mr. Jefferies, what a life! :-)


    Mr. Jefferies you have it made! All that love you get for being such a super Yorkie. Have a great time in NY & thanks for the tip about the blog, Nipperknits-it's great!


    You know the thing about inquiring minds needing to know?

    Was there a picture of a dapper yorkie + green sweater AND the stylish aunt + hat? Inquiring minds need to know!

    Kay L

    Mr J, you are always in the know. Who would doubt it: not me! Nice blog your aunt has at Nipperknits. Have lots of fun this weekend!

    Crazy Aunt Cookie

    Sweetie, do you really want people eating you? I mean... really?



    Well, Mr. Jefferies, I don't need to be convinced that you have personality! I must say you look very dapper in your new green coat and hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend in NYC.

    elizabeth a airhart

    good times mr jeffries ny is great

    Connie G.

    I just LOVE Yorkie Tuesday!!!!!!!!

    Seanna Lea

    It's funny to me that I like maple syrup on plenty of things except breakfast foods (maple syrup is the ingredient in the fudge of space and time). I hope you have fun with all of your visits!

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