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    Monday, March 14, 2011


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    Careful Norma, running is addictive as knitting, gardening... :-) If you need moral support hop on over to the Running with Sharp Objects group on Ravelry.


    Can you run and knit at the same time?


    The first video directly contradicts the second one. The first one does a "forefoot" strike (which puts undue burden on the calf), whereas the second one does a "midfoot" landing, which leads to a more efficient flowing motion. Also, take a look at where the trailing foot goes in the second video: nowhere near the butt! The first video's foot-to-butt instruction wastes energy. Google for marathon clips and you'll see that some kick higher than others, but no one kicks as high as the first video's runner.


    Go Norma go! Looking forward to hearing your running adventures.

    For some reason, I just cannot bring myself to run (all that negative reinforcement from h.s. gym class...sigh). However, I'm in the process of buying a bike. Last time I had a bike, my feet were the brakes and there were no gears. Eek!


    In the Margene trademark way, I'm running the other way. Running is not something I want to do, but I would love to walk fast, get stronger and fitter, so I may need to follow you. You know, at a distance. Thank you, dear friend!


    (Despite everything, I love Apple, too. Sigh.)


    Yeah, I've eyeballed my treadmill and my knitting needles and wondered at the combo, but I decided that I like living. =) It's too bad, because I would be SO FIT!

    Robin V

    Keep talking about running. I started to run last year, and realized that I actually was enjoying, but then for some now-forgotten reason, I stopped. I want to start again; maybe you will be the motivation to push me to it.

    And I'm going to look for the iTunes podcast - I'm guessing (hoping) it would be really helpful.


    I got into running, then went a little overboard and injured myself. What? My forty-eight year old body won't do what my seventeen year old body did? Huh. Strength training made a world of difference. I'm looking forward to running with you!


    Heh, just came over from the party at Margene's :^)
    So glad those links from Sue will be helpful!
    well, the comic was hilarious and yes, among the appleheads so true (Bobby is just a squeak this side of being an applehead ;^) I do love my imac though.


    You go, Norma! I did Couch to 5K last year and it was such a great accomplishment to finish that week 9 day 3 run. I felt like I could do anything at that point. I actually did run an official 5K, too! I need to get back at it, though, I haven't run in months!


    Did I read somewhere that if you imagine an activity in enough detail that you can trick your body into thinking it is actually doing that activity? Sounds like my kind of "running"!


    Your links couldn't have come at a better time, I've got a knee that's a bit cranky after yesterday's run. Now to figure out what I'm doing wrong and try to fix it before my next run...
    I used your link from FB, so hopefully you'll get credit for that.


    Running - it's an idea whose time has not yet come for me...maybe soon...inspiration from you helps!

    re: itunes...I'm not an expert, believe me, but don't you just have to register your new computer and then you can access your library from that computer? I don't think it's too hard...again, disavowing any kind of expertise here, just remembered doing it when I got my new machine...

    Seanna Lea

    I can knit basic socks and jog at the same time on the treadmill, but I have to be going pretty slow (like in the 12 minute mile land). Normally I find it just better to get the run over with, and I'm finally getting over my cold enough to run without having my lungs fall out and crawl all the way home!


    Running? Oh my...


    Daylight savings, yech. Good luck with the running.

    Lee Ann

    Hilary is right on target with her comment. Although...there are marathoners who are heelstrikers, too. Sometimes body mechanics mandates your footstrike. Forefoot, for me, is a direct trip to the sports doctor for shinsplints. Mid to back foot works for me, keeping my core in line with my hips and making sure my butt stays in line, so as not to strain the IT band. Which hated me after the marathon.

    Slow and steady, Norma. Don't ramp up too quickly. And STRETCH. Dynamic stretches before, static long stretches afterward. Go, go, go!


    Today, I ran for three whole minutes (interpersed with 10 minutes of fast walking in between each minute). No knee pain, so YAY! I'm on the road back, so you must go on to keep me company.

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