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    Wednesday, February 23, 2011


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    Drifting in and saying hello and then, also, good night. XO


    I knew there was a reason I stayed up late tonight, so I could comment. And, of course,I do not expect an answer to my comment, knowing how busy you are.

    My very first knitting book was Knitting Without Tears,and I have been a confirmed EZ fan ever since. Glad to hear you are coming into the fan club.

    Heidi Ericson

    Sorry to hear the Mr. Jefferies has been dognapped, I mean gone home to visit. I'd sure miss mine if they were gone for any lenght of time. One of my first knitting books was EZ's Knitting without tears and I'm sure glad it was. I am no slave to a pattern. I treat them all like a favorite aunt receipe, you know a pinch of this a dash of that.


    And I thought I was the only one nonplussed re EZ books. And especially underwhelmed with the pattern in one of them that is driving me rather nots, even though bajillions of other knitters have knit BSJs quite happily.

    Aside from that - Holy brap that's a lotta posts.


    With such a pity party, how could I NOT comment?

    I do comment on you should TOTALLY count those comments to your total!!


    What? Did you just say cashmere?

    I thought you did. Is that the trick to getting people to comment? I guess we'll find out.


    I see your pity party paid off... usually I can get in first on comments... Couldn't post on Terrier Tuesday too busy weeping that he was away.... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

    My hubby is the exact same way about Jinx... he is famous for the sound of "Who's a poxy dog then? Who's a poxy dog then?" when he gets home from work, walk in the hall and you'll find Jinx on his back getting the best tummy tickle of the day.

    Or my favourite... sitting eating dinner, and Jinx will sit right by him, and I mean RIGHT by him. All of sudden Paul will give him a head ruffle and then a hug and chest tickle... hates him I tell you absolutely hates him.

    I've got the EZ baby surprise jacket pattern.. it makes my head hurt... I just cannot figure it out, I like clear directions... maybe when you figure it all out you could tell me.

    Joan In Reno

    I'm surprised you actually have a life apart from your blog (snork). And I comment here and on Facebook. At least once in a while.


    well tell us what kinds of seeds you planted. I have a couple of EZ books and was underwhelmed too, have nearly ordered "The Opinionated Knitter" several times, and keep changing my mind. What made you like that one more?


    Margene is a comment whore, don't you know? (hahahahahahahaha)

    Seanna Lea

    I know I will do the same thing when I go on a weekend trip at the beginning of March with Victor. Even when walking or letting him out the back (because I am so super paranoid about falling on ice) makes me grumpy, I cannot imagine not doing it. It's only been just over a year and it feels like forever!


    Norma! Reading your blog brightens my day - it is like getting a letter from a good friend. Mr. Jeffries' posts have helped me (almost) convince my husband that we need to hear the pitter-patter of 4 little feet again too! So do keep blogging about your adventures in work, campaigning, knitting, gardening and life and know that you are appreciated as a bright spot in someone' s day. Fond regards, Lynn


    Not ;-) Hoping Mr. J makes his way back soon!


    So, what are you planting so early?
    We're still at the staring-at-the-seed-packets-and-dreaming stage.


    I do miss him so. that is all.

    Lori on Little Traverse Bay

    Phantom-limb syndrome... that's great! I feel the same way when my pup is gone. (Or after College Son goes back to school... at least he's missed as much as the dog, ha!)

    As always, love your insight and humor and, of course, Mr. J!

    deidre corbet

    Sorry you haven'tbeen feeling the comment love. I am much more of a lurker of blogs because they are my escape, maybe I can do better. Also often mystified by the EZ LOVE.


    Thanks for the reassurance that spring is coming. One degree this morning and minus teens during the night. Thanks for Mr J--have almost won me over to small dogs and thanks too for beating the drum for the Red Scarf project. J.


    Well, even though I don't comment often, I appreciate that your posts are waiting for me every morning.

    Lois Budnitsky

    I'm one of your constant readers but I've left only a few comments. Was put off by the process somehow. Love to read about your adventures and Mr. Jeffreys too.


    If I were you and if I didn't have Mr. Jefferies around, I'd be desolate and would take to my bed. I'm sure he misses his A Alpha like crazy.

    Mary K. in Rockport

    Did you say cashmere?

    Elizabeth D

    I loved Knitter's Almanac but was seriously underwhelmed by the others. And get tired of the endless gushing that goes on when you mention the Zimmermann name. That being said, would have loved to meet her.

    And I would have commented today anyway, honest. . .

    Mary Lou

    Just the name of that book alone indicates it should be in your library.


    This is kind of on topic...because of your blogging, I ate beets for the first time. They were raw in a salad, and they were delicious! Thank you!

    What seeds are you starting there? I'm looking forward to gardening posts.:)


    I'm usually spinning while I'm surfing, so I have to make an extra effort to stop and type.

    I wanna know what you're planting, too. And jeez, I can smell those pots from here.


    Wow, Norma(l), I miss the old days with all that attitude!! I love your blog and always read it. I figure you're too busy to answer comments, sorry. I should comment more.

    I agree the Opinionated Knitter is a great book!


    I can come back every few minutes and leave a comment to help you out, Norma. Smith has poop pots all over the house! OMG, he's growing "shit" everywhere. EZs EPS is such a great sweater! Why DID it take you so long to get that book. I think you're growing up to be a real knitter!


    They totally are poo pots. I saw it on dirty jobs!

    And don't feel too bad. You still have like 55,800 more comments than I do on my blog.


    Lurkers unite, and speak out! Not for a cone of cashmere, but for the love of Norma! What's not to love?


    Those poo pots are really funny looking.

    Connie G.

    It's all my fault that you don't have a million + comments, but I was terribly hurt to realize that I was not one of the recipients of your 50K email messages. Oh, well....maybe one of these days you'll notice me

    We miss those little (or big) pups when they are not around don't we? I can't imagine sharing one like you do with your daughter. Maybe you need 2?

    We've decided no peat pots this year, but it's because we're going to plant directly into the ground and see what happens. In fact, I intend to get some peas and, maybe a lettuce or 2 in the next week or so. Today is for cleaning up the planting bed.


    What some people won't do for a comment!! Keep on begging and we'll all still be here.


    How could I resist commenting after such a throwdown??


    I read you daily Norma but rarely comment for which I apologize. Resolve to respond more often though it might just be a happy face!


    EZ's book! [hits forehead in consternation] why didn't I look through it when I needed a classic cardigan pattern recently?

    Jen B

    Poking my head up, but only because you've given me hope that this frigid winter will end someday with the pics of your "poo pots." Now I'm going back to my cave to hibernate (well maybe the cashmere will get me up again.)

    Val Champ

    Hope that Mr Jeffries is home soon. My Molly misses him already.

    I love EZ's books, mostly because she gives us(gave us) permission to not follow a pattern. I only discovered her 2 years ago when I went back to knitting after 25 years. What a revelation the Baby Surprise sweater has made me look at a lot of things differently.



    Here, I'm commenting, Happy?

    Don't feel bad, I only own one EZ book, Knitters Almanac, and I bought that one because it was cheap. I hope to get the rest one day soon, but who knows.


    Norma, what are you starting this early. Need to know more. You're in Vermont, I'm in Virginia. The only thing I've started is 3 pots of Lavendar which takes at least 3 weeks just to germinate. Help. A-M


    I don't believe I've commented before but I read your blog every day. Love to read about Mr. Jeffries, your gardens, etc. Do you use growlights or a heating pad for your seeds? I want to start some soon.


    Dear Norma,
    I'm worried that you may be overdoing it.
    Perhaps you should have a lie-down on the couch, with a compress on your fevered brow. Mr J will be back soon!


    I'm only commenting for the cashmere... ;-)


    Thanks for the laughs this morning! I'm a fan of EZ, tho' the 2 books of hers that I have don't have such gorgeous fair isle shots in them. In color, no less! I had no idea. When you get tired of that one you can just go ahead and mail it to me! (=


    Throw Down. Lie Down. Ho Down. Will comment Ho for cashmere. Tammy


    guilty as charged. I read your blog daily (it is a do-not-miss for me) but almost never comment. Love Mr. J, love every thing you have to say. And have to say that I have really appreciated when I've asked a question, you have taken the time to email me an answer. Clearly you have lots of devoted fans, even if many of us are lurking in the background!!

    Lynn in VA

    Love me some EZ. Every time I start a cardigan, no matter what pattern I choose I wind up making another EZ % sweater. They always fit, always look great, and will never go out of style.

    I totally understood the supervised visitation, but I am still in shock that you've allowed Abigail actual custody of Mr. Jeffries. The fact that he's technically her dog...


    The Opinionated Knitter! I thought YOU are the Opinionated Knitter! ;D

    Carol in CO.

    OHkay.... OHkay, already! Crawling out of the woodwork to leave a comment. I've enjoyed your blog for nearly two years now. Love the real-ness, the frankness, and the humor in among the knitting. You're awesome!Happy anniversary! A toast to you for the years to come! (Can we go somewhere tropical to do that, please?)


    I think I have Opinionated Knitter -- I know I have a few of hers. I like EZ because she allows me to drift away from the pattern and do my own thing as I stay within "general guidelines". I've been told I have an "authority problem" and will admit to it, especially when knitting is involved.

    I didn't post on Mr. J's trip to NYC. I was wondering how spoiled he'll get and am here to tell you, Norma, that you better not complain about it when you get him back! You let him go, so you'll have to deal. (yes, I'm bitchy -- ran over a piece of wood in the road an am looking at a whole new exhaust system $900 for the part!)

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