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    Saturday, February 05, 2011


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    Cheering you on! Graft,Graft,Graft!!!


    Behold the Warrior Spirit!
    Fear not - grafting is just knitting with a sewing needle.


    good luck with your grafting! what works for me is KNOWING it's going to take a long time. Patience, young Jedi.


    Go Norma. With a newly unfogged brain and the mantra you can do it! I'd suggest you gitter done in one sitting. You'll be glad you did!


    "...decided I could do it."
    See you on the flip.


    Go grafter, go! I can do it too, but only in the morning when I am fresh and totally clear. Evening grafting gets extra kudos in my book.


    Dude, I think you have been snowed in too long. I know exactly how you feel. Maybe I need a clean diet.

    ruby louise

    Woo hoo! Go Norma Go! :-)

    Cheryl S.

    Go! Go! Go!


    You are woman, hear you roar!


    Did I ever tell you that our Joan offered to do that for you? *L*

    Never mind.

    Oh, and double knitting is DEAD EASY! Swears!


    I would have had some one right next to me who had already dialied the nine and the one with a finger on the next one.

    Good thing you didn't need it though. I probably would have. But me personally, I would have just done a three needle bind off and called it a day.


    I knew you could do it. May the kale be with you!


    damn, now I'm starting to actually consider the liquid kale thing!


    a) the phrase "liquid kale" is so many kinds of wrong.
    b) you could kebab me, but I am clearly not within the bounds of your green diet, given that I am not grain-fed so much as nacho-fed.


    And I'm a little concerned about this kale-inspired aggression, with the cutting and the spearing...

    elizabeth a airhart

    better you then me
    with more snow ice and rain in the
    forecast thee will have the time

    what smoothie will you drink for
    valentines day no not beets

    good night this opinion is brought
    to you by me and only me no fair
    and balanced from this person


    Yeah, it's always #11 that gets you. Watch out for #22, 33, 44, etc., too -- there's something about repeating digits that seems to irritate the Grafting Goddess.

    Go, Norma!


    I would not dare besmirch the kale smoothie, lest I be forced to drink one as punishment. (Followed up by a session with the neti pot, no doubt. NOOO NOT THE NETI POT ANYTHING BUT THAT I'LL BE GOOD I PROMISE!!!!)


    You Can Do It, Norma!!!

    Seanna Lea

    Ah, but double knitting is easy! And slow.

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