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    Monday, February 14, 2011


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    Seanna Lea

    I really should try the elimination diet, because I've definitely had more stomach aches and bloating over the past year. I think it is all stress related though, and as soon as I am stressed and eat something my stomach indicates to the rest of me that I'm stressed. Not much fun either way.


    Dude. Bummer about the alcohol.


    Sweater is looking awesome! This elimination diet is very intriguing. If I could only get my act together I'd love to try it. So sorry about your credit card. I just read an article in Time magazine about magnetic scanners that can be installed on ATM machines that read the card. The thieves also install small cameras to read your pin number as you enter it. OMG!


    I could handle no alcohol or peanuts, I don't eat soy anyway, but DAIRY??? That would really hurt me.

    Still, you are a wildly interesting little guinea pig on this nutrition thing.


    Testing comments. Emails are not coming through.


    You should be able to eat yoghurt if it contains all the live cultures, non? I thought that made it easy to digest even for the lactose intolerant. But again, what Claudia said, you wildly interesting little guinea pig!
    I read somewhere (ancient Indian yogic wisdom or some such) that we should eat no more than 3 different foods in one meal. Makes sense, doesn't it?


    I'm lactose-intolerant and allergic to soy, so can sympathize.
    But alcohol? Oh, sweetie...


    Ahh, but there's the rub, Elizabeth: it's not the lactose, it's the proteins for me.


    I miss my Greek yogurt, too but I found that coconut yogurt is lovely, naturally sweet and very good with berries.

    Cheryl S.

    Woe. So many yummy things off-limits.
    But at least you know.


    I roast or if in Summer BBQ veggies like courgettes and peppers and onions together then freeze in batches for later use. I also roast and deskin then freeze peppers and save in very small batches for various dishes.Oooh and whole garlic bulbs.... squish and yum

    Don't notice the sliminess this way.


    If dairy doesn't agree with me, I don't want to know about it. WTH would I eat for breakfast if there was no yogurt? (no, I'm not drinking any kind of green smoothie!) And more importantly, how would I live without cheese?!?


    Loving that sweater!

    I wonder if the location of the charges had anything to do with it. If you had gotten something at your local coffee bar in VT and ten minutes later someone in CO was using your card it might cause a flag to go up somewhere in the Chase Empire. (Btw, some of their staff read me. Since they're my bank, it's a little freaky. o.O)

    I agree with Claudia. I think all of this is very interesting and has me thinking about what I eat and why.


    Joan in Reno

    Happy Valentine's day, Norma. Maybe I'll have to try the green smoothies, it sounds interesting.


    You've definitely put a bug in my ear re: doing an elimination diet, but I can't go full out with any kind of detox while breastfeeding. My diet is good compared to the average bear, but now that I'm eating meat I find it's way easier to slip into a habit of heavier, fattier, carb-heavy eating when life gets hectic. I'm now thinking of ways that I can incorporate some of the principles of what you're doing here in a smaller way that won't flood my milk with toxins. Maybe starting to juice again would be a good place to start. I have a juicer, but like you I prefer whole foods. The blender won't cut it, hunh? What about the food processor?

    elizabeth a airhart

    happy valentines day


    Your posts made me finally take the plunge and get a Vitamix (I've wanted to for years.)

    And we had our first smoothie today - and HE liked it. (I will get green vegetables in him bwa hahahahahah!)

    Thanks, Norma.

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