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    Friday, February 04, 2011


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    Seanna Lea

    I used to temp and I can totally understand the feast and famine life. I would save every penny I could when I was temping a lot so I wasn't up a creek if I had inadequate work for a month or two.

    Of course, during that time I was also driving myself mental with two other part time jobs. For those who have played Chez Geek, I would have been the grumpy temp who had enough money but not enough slack to use it.


    Fun and varied is right!
    I wish they would have shown a better picture of the molecule...


    Glad things are going well, Norma! Gotta love it when it's good. (Actually, my husband says, "gotta love it when it's tough", chew on that for a while.) Hope things continue this way for as long as possible. Who cares why!?


    I'm envious about all your jobs, but especially Cornel West. You'd better know a lot of "big words" for his interview.
    Can't wait to see David's sweater. Will he do the modeling? I'll bet it's a winner!


    I am with Margene regarding Cornel West!

    And we want to see the sweater on David, tell him we will come and demonstrate around his house if he will not! :)


    Congrats on the sweater completion! Do show it even if he won't model it.


    Tell me more about the good karma coming home to roost....I would like to subscribe.


    Glad you are having a good week. Re: the temping, I hear ya. Re:the sweater modeling, I agree, cause you know how "inquiring minds" are!

    elizabeth a airhart

    well good we all get to back to school

    perhaps someone at school would model
    davids garment just like in the magazines

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