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    Wednesday, January 12, 2011


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    It sounds so good, in theory, Norma! Good luck to you. Being your very same age . . . I'm fighting the very same issues. The 10 pounds. The Muffin Top. The Skin. (Oh, the skin!) I'm going to keep close watch on your cleanse!


    Great idea! I am going to do my cleanse, too. Good luck! You're a wonderful motivation.


    It's your body, do whatever the hell you want. :) It sounds good to me. If I lived alone I might even join you. Alas.


    I dare you to write about the pooping.


    I hate to be the one to put a small wrench in the plan but you do know that drinking all that water with a meal, dilutes your digestive juices and slows you down, not boosts your metabolism? The whole mega-water thing? Painful, like waiting for an ultrasound. If you have to, wait several hours after the soup to glug it down.
    On a somewhat more cheery note: the muffin top IS the best part of the muffin, am I right? :)


    I feel you on this one. I can count every calorie for days, lose a couple of pounds, and they come right back as soon as I become a little less vigilant. The days of being able to lose a couple of pounds by working out one extra day for a few weeks seem to be long gone. My weight is very stable, as well, which is good, but I still want to lose 8 to 10 pounds at any given time. Anyway, good luck. Fight the good fight for us all.


    If it feels right, do it. While I haven't tried a cleanse style diet, eating more greens, or veggies of any sort, really makes a body feel good. Sugar be gone!
    (I'm happy to see you still have the mug!)


    Good LUCK! Cleanses do a body good! I could probably use a good purging of the 'ol interior myself. When you're finished with your clease, you might be interested in checking out Tosca Reno-Eat Clean Diet. I did it for a while but life got crazy and I fell, off.


    Sorry, I'm snowed in and just not ready to think about the whole "To diet or not to diet, that is the question." I'm still at "It's noon, should I go back to bed?"


    I went and read about it when you mentioned it last week.. and you're right I'm one of those who gagged at the thought... but I am sticking to my soup for lunch rule.. some days I have something with my soup for lunch rule, and I am making tea in a pot.. so the first cup is milky, sweet and hot, the second and third rely omn the milk and sugar left in the mug.. maybe some extra milk...

    I think the extra water in the soup has a reason... but if your way works go with it, and so long as you drink the water as your finish the sooup the effect should be the same. Sounds like he's been reading how they make people eat before a gastric band is fitted.. two weeks clear liquids.. my friend loast most of her weight in those two weeks.. and the week after on liquids.

    Enjoy the greens... I know you do.


    I 100% fully support you in your goal. GO GET 'EM NORMA! Don't you dare fall off that wagon, or you'll have to come here and tell us that you couldn't hack it.

    How's that for motivation? ;-)

    I read an interesting article today about how differently people respond to diet and exercise. The bottom line of the article was, you have to keep experimenting to find the solution that works for your body. So, if this is a good jump start to the weight loss you are looking for, more power to you.

    And, given the strict way I eat I am the very last person to comment negatively on another person's choices.


    Interesting.... I'll be curious to see how it goes for you, and if you have any thoughts on whether it's what you've taken out of your diet (er, practically everything) or what you've put into it that makes the difference.

    Myself, drinking all those green things does sound like the depths of hell. But eating healthy and feeling good sounds excellent. I'm thinking of doing something more like this plan that I ran across the other day. Have to get fully over this cold, first.


    Good for you that you found something you think will help you reach your goals. I don't mind reading about it. If I did, I'd skip the blog post (and not complain, cause that would be rude).

    I tell ya though, I'd rather stay fat. I guess I'm just not that vain. But more than that I'm healthy, and I'm happy. Which is what we are all really after in the long run, isn't it?


    Of course, you weigh less on this clean thingy. It's all the pooping!

    /runs away


    Okay, so I did the Master Cleanse for 10 days last summer and I really loved it, once I got over missing eating. But as soon as I started eating, the weight came back. It was definitely water weight, and using laxatives on a daily basis just isn't healthy. I hope your cleanse isn't as severe!

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