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    Friday, December 03, 2010


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    Alarming Female

    Well, that's just dandy!

    Cynthia A

    Well, that just seems like a little extra validation that you ordered from the right place! Sweet!


    I've got one of those cards too - now you've given me the incentive to use it just to see what mine's worth - mine will probably be the $10 card ...
    congrats on your lucky break!


    I'm pretty sure it is "BAD things come in threes". But maybe you could start a new trend. Way to go!

    Teresa C

    I had two and both were $10 cards. Lucky you! Meg was working today and a woman came to the register all frazzled with a crying toddler that had just spilled something on the floor and she was just trying to get out of the store with her small purchase, but when she was checking out Meg swiped her card and told her that she had a $500 card! The woman was in shock. She took the card back and said that she would be back without the crying kid so that she could shop. Hee. Congrats!

    Teresa C

    Oh, and read the fine print. The amount on the card expires, and probably soon. That is if you can use it again, I'm not sure, but they are totally weird about those cards.

    Seanna Lea

    Here's to thinking about some more good things for you!


    Well now - that's most excellent kismet for you. Squee!


    How wonderful! I didn't know think those $100 cards really existed:)


    You're a wiener! I mean a winner. Oh, whatever.


    Way cool!


    And will you get another card with Abby's dress?

    Connie G.

    WOW! Good for you!


    Great story! I needed some "good in the world" as this work day is starting off with the rule of three in a BAD way! TGIF Norma!


    Woo! Go you!


    I guess you could thank Spanx for your good fortune! :-)


    Mine was only $10 too! I want a $500 one!! That would make me sooooo happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


    Lets hope that good things come in nines too!


    Hi Norma. Congrats on the VS card but I have another question. How's it going with the Kindle? I am SO wanting one right now and I know there are people out there that LOVE them, but do I really know them, trust them? Hmmm....but I DO trust you!! Can you drop me a line and let me know? Thanks, Cynthia


    Lucky you! That is awesome. Maybe you should pick up a lottery ticket?


    Woo Hoo!


    Well not it's happened at least once! Too cool.

    elizabeth a airhart

    win the election now a $100 gift card
    what next the powerball? good for you


    So glad you got that after the debacle over the Spanx suit!!


    Seems like VS spanked Spanx! Cute suit! And not to be too much of an enabler, but unless you have three more suits at home, you'll need more swimsuits for your vacay. Did I tell you tell you to surf over to Newport News for their spanx version on clearance yet? I've got several of those tankinis (and will need them due to my xmas schedule to Africa...)

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