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    Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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    You forgot the "scamperscamperscamperscamperscamperscamper". :-D


    Thanks for my weekly Mr. J. fix!

    I love "Do you want to show the blog what a good boy you can be?" As if we ever doubted it!!!

    Elizabeth in Brookfield

    Alpha, Alpha, don't say "Sit" all the time. It makes my little Yorkie tush SO COLD!!


    Damn that pup is cute in his boots! It'll be 14 here the next couple of mornings. We're spoiled after the little heat wave we had.


    He is so cute!


    So, so adorable! And such cute boots -- clearly, he has no problem at all running and bouncing around in them!

    By the way, Norma, the Mad Men DVDs are on a DEEP sale at Amazon today. Like less than half price. Just FYI.


    He's over the top in the adorable department!
    I don't blame him for not wanting to sit his little bare butt down in that cold snow...

    Cathy Goldman

    Dear Mr Jeffries:
    You are without a doubt the cutest Yorkie EVER! and that Alpha woman....making you SIT
    in the cold snow. But you are one smart cookie....your tusch never hits the ground....GOOD BOY!!!!!


    I love that the toy squeaks when he shakes it, don't know why I think that's so funny. And the growls....priceless. Looks like he's surviving the Vermont winter just fine in his new boots.


    Yep, that 'scamperscamperscamper', omfg, too cute! Great boots! and yeah, I don't blame him for not wanting to sit, that white stuff is way too cold on the arse.
    I love your voice.


    One of my kitties was fascinated by the videos! He didn't know if he should be scared or attack the screen. :D


    Mr. J really IS that tiny! I don't blame him not wanting to sit on that cold, cold ground.


    /sigh I think I could watch him skitter around and shake that toy all day. Mr Jeffries is just darling :)

    And I'm very glad I can rely on recorded video (rather than him freezing his little toes while entertaining me live.)

    Stay warm!


    Look, hear's the deal - YOU want sitting in the snow? YOU try it, see how YOU like it! Also:
    1) what happened to the chicken?
    2) Love the boots + sweater + jacket outfit.
    3) Quick, someone call LL Bean! There's a dog model waiting to be discovered!


    I never knew Mr. Jeffries had little hooooooooves!


    Mr. J---you are sunshine on a cloudy day!


    He's so cute!

    Are you sure you don't sound like that? ;^)

    elizabeth a airhart

    sounds like the snow vampire is stalking him

    a dog who understands a vermont accent
    is a truly bright dog -in the house now
    that means both of you -goodnight

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