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    Tuesday, November 16, 2010


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    VCRs are so 2000, Mr. J. Maybe I'd be impressed if that dog could change a DVD...


    You look so handsome in your new sweater Mr Jefferies. Alpha did a great job!


    You are adorable, Mr. J. No doubt about it! Especially in that dashing new sweater.


    Adorable video!

    Mr. J., your new sweater is stylish!


    Cute tricks, but I'll hold out for a dog that folds laundry.
    Love the sweater!

    Elizabeth in Brookfield

    Mr. J, you know that Jack Russels have to be kept busy. You're fine "just the way you are".

    And handsome, too, in that new sweater!


    I really like your sweater! It's awesome!


    Love your sense of style and color Mr. J!


    You are such a good trainer, Mr. J!!


    I wouldn't want my St. Bernard doing those things. Your sweater looks great. Mr. J!


    Such a pretty boy!


    That is one very busy dog! I think I'd prefer your way of life, Mr J.


    So does Mr. J love this sweater as much as his favorite blue sweater? Silly doggie -- I wonder if he can really tell the colors of the different sweaters, or if he's going by smell or texture or what. In any case, he's certainly stylin' in this gorgeous new sweater! Mr. J, you are the best-dressed doggie on the East Coast and probably the whole country!

    Seanna Lea

    It is not fair that you are so cute Mr. Jeffries! And if Victor wore sweaters, he would be completely jealous.

    elizabeth a airhart

    you are my very favorite pin up boy

    the other doggie needs a nap

    its cold and dark outside come on in

    lile ole pudding pie


    Hi Mr J...

    check out this page... this dog is my hero.

    Love Jinx


    Whew! That dog would wear me out! Nice duds, Mr. J!


    Your new sweater is darling, Mr. J, as you are in it. (!) Have you seen the "Wiggle Bobble" sweater from Style Hounds? It has all kinds of cables on it and a zipper in the back. I'm thinking that will be easier for a little dog that isn't crazy about having things pulled on over her head, but I will have to be careful so that all of her long hair doesn't get caught in it. (It is wicked cute.) After seeing you in your new red sweater, I want to knit one for my Yorkie. Her name is Hannah and she is nine years old, but you guys look *allot* alike.

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